People are convinced Donald Trump's son Barron has been "recast."

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Donald Trump’s presidency is not so much a genuine political phase but a reality show we shamelessly cannot stop watching.

It’s the only reasonable explanation for why the President of the United States would start a fight with the leader of North Korea and call him “rocket man”. It’s the only justification for why he only wants to talk about how overrated Meryl Streep is. It perfectly explains why a pornstar has come forward about an affair with him and no one even cares that much because by comparison that’s super chill.

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And now, we’re all so convinced this is all a TV show and not real life, that people are speculating that Barron Trump has been recast AS THOUGH HE IS AN ACTOR AND NOT A REAL 11-YEAR-OLD HUMAN CHILD.

You see, on Tuesday’s State of the Union, a broken calm Melania Trump sat beside a child who people assumed for some time was surely Barron Trump.  He had all the defining features. Child. Hair. Face. Mini-child-suit.

But then… then people started to notice something.




No. No, it was not the Barron Trump we know.

Barron Trump or Preston Sharp? Image via NBC.

His name, in fact, is Preston Sharp - a 12-year-old boy who was honoured by the President at the State of the Union for his efforts to place flags on the graves of veterans.

But some people didn't find the comparison between Preston Sharp and Barron Trump very funny.
Oh, right. Image via Twitter.

Yes, well.

Clinton is probably right. It's easy to joke about Barron being 'recast' because, um, this all very much feels like a reality show. But it's not.

It's actually super real. If not entirely bizarre.