Barnaby Joyce's wife allegedly confronted his new partner upon discovering his affair.

In a piece for Rendezview on Sunday, columnist Miranda Devine has shed new light on the details of Barnaby Joyce’s marriage breakdown.

Her recount shared details of how Natalie Joyce discovered the Deputy Prime Minister’s infidelity after 24 years of marriage, and how she confronted his new girlfriend Vikki Campion.

“Last year, some time around April, Natalie had wind of the affair. Friends say the office stopped telling her what was in his diary and a wife’s intuition kicked in,” Devine wrote.

Just this week, Joyce has been on the receiving end of much questioning as to Campion’s appointment to specially created positions for her in two different National Party offices.

Campion began relations with Joyce during her employment as his media adviser, and has been carrying his child, who is reportedly due in April.

“She stormed up to Vikki in Tamworth and tore strips off her, a furious little pocket rocket facing up to a frightened gazelle,” Devine continued.

“She called Vikki a ‘home-wrecker’ in front of witnesses.”

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Earlier this week, Mrs Joyce released a statement regarding the Deputy Prime Minister’s affair.

“I am deeply saddened by the news that my husband has been having an affair and is now having a child with a former staff member,” Mrs Joyce shared.

“This situation is devastating on many fronts. For my girls who are affected by the family breakdown and for me as a wife of 24 years, who placed my own career on hold to support Barnaby through his political life,” she continued.

“Naturally we also feel deceived and hurt.”

The confrontation between the Mrs Joyce and Campion allegedly took place at about the same time Campion was promoted to work for cabinet Minister Matt Canavan, and was subsequently given a pay rise.

“She’s clearly somebody who is qualified to do the job and she was hired in certain positions based on merit and there’s nothing really further to add,” Joyce defended himself on Sunday during an interview with Sky News.

“All of my advice is that everything was absolutely aboveboard.”

Miranda Devine’s story can be found here.

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