The Barefoot Investor shares a brilliant piece of advice that has nothing to do with money.

It seems that no matter how positive their impact, people in the public eye will receive hate. Whether it’s through social media, email or snail mail, there’s no getting around it. Unfortunately, it’s just a reality of 21st-century life.

Still, at Mamamia we were surprised to learn even the perpetually helpful Scott Pape, author of best-selling money guide The Barefoot Investor, receives hate mail.

The father-of-two told Mia Freedman – much to her disbelief – how much he receives during an interview for No Filter.

“I get hate mail. I get lots. The more copies of this (The Barefoot Investor) I sell the more crazy people there are.”

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So how does the mild-mannered Scott Pape deal with haters who claim he has no clue about money or otherwise seek to drag him down?

Well, the finance expert has a simple trick for deciding if someone’s opinion is worth worrying about.

He “cares with both hands”.

“I can count the number of people I care about on two hands — chances are you can too. And when you think about it deeply (and I have), these are the only people who matter,” he recently wrote in a blog post on his website

“If you’re being a jerk, or hurting people… they’ll pull you up on it. And that’s the only time you need to worry about someone else’s opinion.”

“For the rest, just talk to the hand.”


Listen to Mia’s full interview with Scott Pape on No Filter below, or download it here