Barbra Streisand joins Instagram. Whole world tells her she's doing it wrong.

Someone told Barbra Streisand she needed to get on Instagram.

“You need to get on the ‘gram, Barbs!” They probably said, and walked out of the room without further explanation.

So the 72-year-old iconic singer missed the memo about celebrities on Instagram: That it’s supposed to be candid and coy; a little glimpse into an otherwise shiny life.

This was her first very staged, very Photoshopped post:

With quite a sweet little intro caption about her puppy companion:

And to answer the question at hand, Samantha is perfectly precious.

People on social media were – shock! horror! – fierce and very quick to ridicule Barbra for her faux-casual “Oh, I didn’t see you there” pose. And the agelessness of her face.

But give Barbs a few more photos and she’s starting to get the hang of the ‘gram.

Here she is recording with a live orchestra:

Here’s the recording booth she made at her grandmother’s house:

And here are some very lovely cupcakes.

To be fair, cupcakes are absolutely on-key for Instagram.

And look, Barbra Streisand is a living legend. At 72 years old, getting on the ‘gram at all is a tiny, kind-of beautiful social media miracle.

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