The instagram account that brilliantly parodies your 'good-deed' friends.

We all know someone who has packed up their things, volunteered in a third world country and come back talking endlessly about how they’ve ‘discovered’ the ‘real meaning of life’. The talk about the amazing work they’ve done, the kids they’ve met and how their life has changed.

Now a hilarious parody Instagram account Barbie Saviour takes aim at the well meaning Westerners who travel overseas to do good, then fill their feeds with selfies of the good deeds they’re doing. It has already amassed more than 80 thousand followers since its inception seven weeks ago.
 The account, which consists of a barbie doll photoshopped on to images of the African continent, begins with ‘Barbie Saviour’ packing up ‘ready for her adventure in Africa’.

The sartirical account shows Barbie Saviour running an NGO that provides drinking water to locals. “Harnessing broken white hearts to provide water to those in Africa, one tear at a time,” one caption explaining the tag line of the fictional business reads.

 The account is run by two twenty-something females, who said it was inspired from their time volunteering in East Africa.
“We were never as ‘savioresque’ as Barbie Savior, but we did things back in our White Savior days that we regret,” the girls, who chose to remain unnamed told The Huffington Post.

SO exhausted and filthy from working all day in the village! A sweet friend caught this candid of me and I realized that no matter how much of a mess I look, my true beauty lies within. Thanks, friend, for capturing this unexpected, raw, authentic moment. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30 #ivegotallthree #nomakeup #exhausted #totallycandid #haventshoweredindays #coincidentalcleavage #hotinmorewaysthanone #humanitarianhotty #witdatbody #babyimworthit #mybodyisawonderland #cutetoboot #stunningsavior #dropitlikeitshot #fetchinglyfabulous #oops #imean #humble #truebeautylieswithin #storeupyourtreasures #beautifythesoul #ihopeitsstillclearthatimhotthough A photo posted by Barbie Savior (@barbiesavior) on Apr 21, 2016 at 11:19am PDT


“It really just started as a joke between us, a way to get some of these things off of our chest. Its hard to pinpoint the irony at times in real life… the wildly self-centered person veiled as the self-sacrificing saint.”

 While the creators aren’t trying to make fun of Westerners who do great volunteer work, they said the point of the account is to shine a light on “the people who turn smiling African school kids into living photo-ops, who talk about how “happy everybody is even though they’re so poor!“ and who never seem to specify exactly what country in Africa they actually visited,” reports The Huffington Post
“The attitude that Africa needs to be saved from itself, by Westerners, can be traced back to colonialism and slavery. It’s such a simplified way to view an entire continent.”

With captions like, “The red dirt cascades around my feet, encircling my heels and her toes, filling every space. Ever since I landed in this country Africa, the dirt has seeped into my soles. The country itself has seeped into my SOUL,” the girls are definitely making their point loud and clear.

Speaking of Barbie, you can watch the ad for the Moschino Barbie below.

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