The baby names that are so bad they're banned in this country.


We didn’t think “Sex Fruit” could be topped as the worst banned baby name of all time. But ladies and gentlemen, it has finally been superseded.

May we present to you the banned baby names courtesy of our close neighbour, New Zealand.

These names are so bizarre (and offensive) that the country’s Internal Affairs were forced to decline 60 name requests.

Some of the gems include “Mr”, “Lucifer” and “Christ”, while five interesting applications tried to name their bub “/”. Maybe pronounced as forward slash? Slashy for short? We’re not too sure.

Jeff Montgomery, the Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages said names deemed offensive, such as swear words or those of a religious nature would be blocked, according to The New Zealand Herald.

“Numbers and symbols that cannot be pronounced, like a backslash or punctuation marks, are not allowed either, but if someone wanted to spell out a number for a name, then that would be admissible,” he went on to say.

The department’s rules forbid any name that implied a child held a title or a rank, so “Duke” and “Majesty” are also out of the question.

Names people might consider silly however, still had a chance of being passed. “If someone wanted to call their child ‘Cream Bun’ there would be no objection. But parents should remember the child has to live with a name like that,” Jeff said.

Well said Jeff, well said.

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