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Sorry, but you've been putting Band-Aids on wrong your entire life.

There’s hardly a medical situation where a Band-Aid has failed to come to my rescue.

Cut myself shaving? Slap on a Band-Aid. Going out in a pair of excruciating (but also very pretty) shoes? A few Band-Aids will help.

Get a paper cut while writing 1001 love letters to the makers of Band Aids? Well… you get the idea.

band aid
Excuse me, miss, but you're doing that all wrong. Image via iStock.

So you can imagine my dismay, nay, my HORROR when I discovered that I've been putting these life-saving straps of plaster on ALL WRONG.

And chances are, you have been too.

It's okay. We'll get through this together, I promise.

According to a Japanese Band-Aid fan (hi, soulmate), there's a way to guarantee that the sticky ends of the strip doesn't get all...gunky and frayed and quite frankly, pretty gross.


All you need is a pair of scissors.

With a helpful step-by-step illustration, the user shows that all you need to do is cut the strip in half at both ends and then fold them diagonally around your cut finger.

Of course, this only works when you're looping the Band-Aid around a finger or a toe, but you can consider my life well and truly changed by this clever little hack.

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