Jamie Murphy: Teenager at Bali airport, expected to board flight back to Perth.

By Indonesia correspondent Adam Harvey

A Perth teenager held in Bali on suspicion of carrying drugs is at Bali airport with his family and waiting to board a Garuda flight home tonight, after he was cleared by a forensic analysis and released from a Kuta police station.

Bali police confirmed there were no drugs detected in Jamie Murphy’s blood and urine, or in the white powder found on him in a Kuta nightclub.

Almost two days after he was detained, the 18-year-old walked out of the Kuta police station into the glare of an international media scrum.

He only spoke one word — asked if he was pleased to be getting out, Mr Murphy replied “yep”.

Mr Murphy’s parents flew to Bali on Wednesday to meet their son.

Mr Murphy’s lawyer said the teenager and his family would leave Indonesia as soon as possible, and the reunited family is expected to fly home today.

Brendan and Anna Murphy did not answer questions at Perth Airport on Wednesday, but when asked if there was anything they wanted to say, Brendan Murphy said: “Just that we love our son”.

Murphy tells police he bought sachet from man on street

The Perth teenager’s Bali holiday ended after four days — a nightmarish break where for at least two of those days it looked as though he would be spending a serious amount of time in an Indonesian jail.

He was detained on Tuesday after he was found carrying 1.6 grams of a white powder — if it was cocaine, Mr Murphy could have been in serious trouble.

Police chief inspector Sugeng Priyanto said the powder tested positive for painkillers, caffeine and cough medicine.

Last year a 26-year-old Australian man was jailed for 12 months for possessing one joint of cannabis, and in 2011 a 14-year-old Australian boy spent two months in detention after he was caught with a small amount of hashish.

Kuta police chief Wayan Sumara said Mr Murphy bought a sachet of powder on the street from a man who told him “it would make him feel better”.

“He doesn’t know whether [it was] drugs or not, but according to the man who gave it to him in the street, the medicine is better for your life,” Mr Sumara said.

He said Mr Murphy did not tell police how much he paid for the sachet.

This is a popular time of year for recent high school graduate “schoolies” to travel to Bali to celebrate.


Mr Murphy graduated from Ellenbrook Secondary College last year, the school said.

Mr Sumara said he had publicly warned schoolies about the dangers of taking drugs in Indonesia just a couple of days before Mr Murphy was detained.

“Of course I hope for everyone who comes to Kuta, whether domestic or foreign, don’t try drugs. If someone offers you drugs, don’t,” he said.

“Otherwise Indonesian police, especially Kuta police, will process you according to Indonesian laws — especially for, my friends, schoolies.”

Mr Sumara said Mr Murphy was “very lucky”.

“But the police always try to do the best for foreigners, especially Australians,” he said.

Management of the Sky Garden nightclub, where Mr Murphy was originally detained, issued a statement saying it was relieved to hear of his release.

The statement went on to apologise for the rough treatment of Mr Murphy at the hands of club security.

“Our company procedure is to simply hand over suspects peacefully to police if we feel they’ve committed a crime at Sky Garden,” the statement read.

“We have reprimanded the security in question, and he will not be permitted to come back to work until he has completed and passed another round of police security training.”

Murphy receiving consular support, Bishop says

Mr Murphy’s soccer club, Bayswater City, posted a message of support on their Facebook page.

“We would like to extend our support to Jamie Murphy and his family on this absolutely tragic situation,” the post said.

“We will do whatever we can to help bring Jamie home!

“Anna Murphy would also like to pass on her gratitude to everyone who has contacted the club to offer their help and support.”

The club also posted a compilation of pictures of Jaime playing soccer, under a banner, “Bring Jamie Murphy home” on the page.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told Sky News consular staff had contacted the 18-year-old and would meet with him.

Ms Bishop said Mr Murphy’s family was receiving consular support in Australia, and reminded travellers that Australians were subject to local laws when they were overseas.

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