A powerful letter from a 12 year old may just change your mind on the Bali Nine.

12 year old Jessica Larter has a message for the Indonesian President.

With the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran seemingly imminent, a 12 year old year 7 student has written a letter to the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, asking him to spare the lives of the two men.

In a remarkably articulate and heartfelt letter, Jessica notes that Chan and Sukumaran have not just been sitting in their cells: they have actively been helping people to turn away from drugs. And Jessica knows what it takes to crack down – she recently busted some students smoking and is now raising money for a smoke detector in the toilets at her school.

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But most profoundly, she points out how Australian’s perception of Indonesia might be transformed by a reprieve:

This year in school we are also learning Indonesian. The first thing that came to our class’s heads when our teacher mentioned Bali was the death penalty. If you forgive these men for what happened in the past and focus on their future maybe the year 7 class of 2016 will hear Bali and think of its beautiful beaches, its gorgeous scenery and wonderful people.

Jessica gets it.

Read the rest of her beautiful letter here.