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1. Bali Nine appeal rejected.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has said the government is disappointed at the outcome of an appeal for Bali Nine duo Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran after it was rejected late yesterday.

“We understand that the legal team for Mr Chan and Mr Sukumaran is considering other legal options,” Ms Bishop said.

“Both men have undergone extensive rehabilitation and I will continue to make representations to my counterpart, just as Australia will continue to use all diplomatic options to seek a stay of execution. Again, the Australian Government respectfully requests the President to review their pleas for clemency.

Indonesian AG:”For me it’s enough. It’s finished. It’s finished,”

The pair were appealing against president Joko Widodo’s refusal to grant them clemency.

Lawyers for the pair have vowed to keep on fighting and will this week take legal action in the constitutional court but the Attorney General H. M. Prasetyo has said there will be no more delays.

“This proves that they are simply trying to buy time. We can say they are playing with justice,”

“For me it’s enough. It’s finished. It’s finished,” he said.

 2. Beanie belonging to missing 11-year old found in bush.

A beanie has been found belonging to an 11-year old boy with autism who wandered off on Good Friday from the Candlebark Campground at Lake Eildon Nation Park, in Victoria’s north-east where he was camping with his family for the Easter long weekend.

Luke Shambrook and his family.

Luke Shambrook is described as being fascinated with water, of limited speech, and has a habit of hiding.

The discovery of his beanie yesterday afternoon was the first major breakthrough in the four-day search for the missing boy.

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3. Kenya launches airstrike against al-Shabab camps.

Kenya has launched airstrikes against Al-Qaeda-linked Shabab insurgent camps in southern Somalia in retaliation for a massacre of 148 people at a Kenyan University.

Kenyan army spokesman David Obonyo told the BBC that the Government had responded to “threats” by launching the air strikes.

Two camps had been destroyed, he said, “The bombings are part of the continued process and engagement against al-Shabab, which will go on.”

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta had vowed harsh measures against al-Shabab following the slaughter at Garissa, which is near the border with Somalia.

Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed told CNN that the response was “adequate.”

“One cannot actually say that the response was slow,” Foreign Minister Mohamed said.


“Obviously when parents are grieving and the country is mourning, it’s always easy to fall back on things like that, but I can assure you that we took very quick action as soon as this was reported.”

 4. Jehovah’s Witness woman and her baby died after the woman refused blood transfusion in hospital.

A 28-year old pregnant Jehovah’s Witness woman and her unborn baby have died after the woman refused a blood transfusion in a Sydney hospital.

28-year old woman and her baby died.

Fairfax Media reports that the woman refused the transfusion when she developed complications nearly seven months into her pregnancy and was discovered to be suffering from leukaemia.

The woman’s religion forbade her receiving the transmission which may have seen her go into remission and her unborn baby live.

Haematologist Giselle Kidson-Gerber said she understood the woman’s reasons but it was difficult knowing that choice saw her baby die.

Fairfax Media reports that the woman’s obstetricians were unable to perform a caesarean.

“She would have had to have a classical caesarean, and she most likely would have bled to death. The obstetricians weren’t comfortable with that when there was a chance we could have got her through,” she said.

“They were unable to do a caesarean for the sake of the baby without putting her at risk”.

5. Government considering crackdown on anti-vaxxer parents.

Crackdown on anti-vaxxers.

The Social Services Minister, Scott Morrison has confirmed that the government is looking into closing the loophole which allows conscientious objector families to access family tax benefits.

 The Daily Mail reports that conscientious objectors – those families who choose not to vaccinate their children due to their personal beliefs may soon be blocked from accessing family tax benefits and subsidies.

The number of parents refusing to vaccinate their children is at an all time high with 39,523 children on the “conscientious objectors” register in 2014.

Mr Morrison believes there is no excuse to excuse for a parent not to vaccinate their child.

“The Government is reviewing the current exemptions on vaccinations that apply to family tax benefit payments and child care subsidies as part of the families package to be delivered this year,” Mr Morrison told News Limited.

His views were backed up by Bill Shorten.

“We believe that, unless you’re someone with a really deep held religious view there should be no exceptions and you should be getting your children immunised,” he told the Nine Network.

“The idea that your child’s going to a childcare centre and that some other parent doesn’t feel they like the science of immunisation, and therefore they come along and your child or anyone else’s child could catch something because some other parent has an opinion, that isn’t really good enough is it,” he said.


6. Policeman charged over domestic violence.

AAP reports that a NSW senior constable was charged over the Easter weekend with assault following an alleged incident of domestic violence at his home.

The officer, who works in a specialist command in the state’s south, was arrested at his home late on Saturday night.

He was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

 7. Judge gives girl permission to get testosterone injections to trigger male puberty.

A QLD judge has given a 16-year old permission to begin fortnightly testosterone therapy after a court heard the girl felt trapped inside her body.

16-year old given permission to begin testosterone injections.

The youth has been taking puberty blockers and wears a boy’s uniform at her coeducational high school.

News Limited reports that the 16-year olds “binds” her breasts by wearing two tight bras, and she finds it difficult to look at herself in the mirror.

The court heard that most of her friends are boys and her hobbies are drawing, kayaking, martial arts and gaming.

In less than two years, she can apply to have sex reassignment surgery and a mastectomy.

8. Co-pilot assaults pilot on Air India flight.

A frightening event has been reported with a co-pilot on an Air India flight allegedly assaulting the pilot shortly before take-off.

The Hindustan Times reports that the co-pilot allegedly punched the captain inside the cockpit as they were preparing the passenger plane for takeoff from Jaipur to New Delhi.

The co-pilot allegedly punched the captain inside the cockpit.

The Times of India writes that the co-pilot became irritated with some of the tasks the pilot was undertaking.

“In the larger interest of the airline the commander decided to go ahead with the flight and flew to Delhi.”

In response Air India has allegedly grounded the two.

 9. Trainee teachers confuse bullying with fighting.

A study has found that most aspiring teachers confuse bullying with fighting.

The research out of French journal Les Dossiers des sciences de l’éducation looked at 717 student teachers from three Australian universities. It found that while two-thirds felt “informed about bullying” many confused other scenarios with bullying.

As reported by News Limited 80% mistakenly believed an isolated classroom fight scenario between two boys was bullying and more than 70% wrongly thought a “cyber-fight” between girls was bullying.

The study also showed that male soon-to-be-teachers were more likely to advise bullying victims to control their emotions by ignoring or not giving in to bullies – and not showing they were scared – or crying. Male teachers also advised students to fight back.


10. Sea Shepherd aiding crew of sinking ship suspected of illegal fishing off West Africa coast.


Conservation group Sea Shepherd says it is trying to rescue at least 35 crew members who have abandoned a sinking vessel off the coast of West Africa.

The Sea Shepherd vessel Bob Barker had been tailing the Thunder for several months, as it is believed the ship is involved in illegal fishing in Antarctic waters.

Sea Shepherd’s Adam Burling said the Thunder issued a distress signal at about 4:00pm (AEST) on Monday afternoon.

“What we’ve done is we’ve launched our small boat to offer assistance,” he said.

“We’ve confirmed that the Thunder is sinking and that their 35 crew have abandoned the ship into life rafts.

“We have a second ship arriving within the next few hours, the Sam Simon, so between the two we feel we can safely accommodate the crew.”

Peter Hammarstedt, captain of the Bob Barker, told ABC News 24: “We have a small boat in the water. They’re delivering water, food and medical advice to the Thunder crew.”

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has been informed, and is relaying information to rescue authorities in Nigeria.

A version of this story was originally published on ABC.

11. You can now serve divorce papers on Facebook.

Divorce served via Facebook.

A judge in the US has legally allowed a woman to change her status to single after ruling she can serve divorce papers to her husband through Facebook.

The New York Daily News reports that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper ruled last week that a Brooklyn nurse is “granted permission to serve defendant with the divorce summons using a private message through Facebook.”

Ellanora Baidoo, 26, married her husband Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku in 2009.

But the marriage fell apart after he refused to have a traditional Ghanian wedding with both of their families afterwards.

Baidoo has been unable to contact her husband since, he reportedly hasn’t had a permanent address since 2011.

Like most of us though he does check Facebook and so the judge has ruled the social networking site an appropriate place to serve Blood-Dzraku with a summons for a divorce proceeding.

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