Final cruel humiliation of condemned Bali 9 pair by Indonesian Authorities.

Disturbing photos have surfaced of the Denpasar police chief posing with Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan during their flight to Nusakambangan Island.

The pictures appear to show Senior Commissioner Djoko Hari Utomo smiling as he stands next to each of the condemned Bali Nine duo on their final journey before their execution.

Disturbing: The Denpasar police chief posing Andrew Chan.

The Senior Commissioner has denied he was trying to take a selfie, telling Fairfax he was merely trying to raise the pair’s spirits.

“It was not a selfie moment,” he said. He said he was urging the men to “be tough, be strong, and keep going”.

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Australia is making an official complaint to the Indonesian government over the pictures, which were published in local and international media.

The Senior Commissioner has denied he was trying to take a selfie.

ABC News reports that the Indonesian ambassador will be summoned to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade tomorrow, to answer questions over the photos and the disproportionate use of force during the transfer of the two prisoners.

Indonesian police arrive in preparation of the pair’s transfer.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop described her shock of Indonesia’s treatment of the pair on ABC’s AM program.

“I just cannot comprehend it. They are two men who are described by their own prison governors as model citizens, two gentlemen who pose no risk to anyone,” she said.

“I cannot comprehend the manner or the method of their transfer to the so-called execution island.”

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