Have you lost your mind? Well then why not blow $1950 on Balenciaga's "t-shirt shirt"?

On a scale of one to 10 how fashun are you? Your answer to that question will depend exactly on your opinion of this shirt by high-end fashion brand (read: very, very expensive) Balenciaga.

The ‘T-Shirt Shirt’ is a part of the brand’s Fall 2018 Men’s collection and is literally a blue t-shirt with what looks like a button up, blue checkered, long-sleeve shirt stitched onto the front.

From the back it looks like your regular, old blue t shirt, but from the front you look like well… a person that’s just paid $1950 AUD for a very DIY-able eyebrow-raising t-shirt.

You’ll basically just look like a tool.

Balenciaga T-shirt Shirt
Observe... the latest in high fashion. Image: Balenciaga.

As you might have guessed, social media is absolutely baffled, with many Twitter users sharing their disbelief.



Twitter user AH_Mike even DIY-ed his own version.


This isn't the first time Balenciaga has trolled (in our humble opinion) their customers with their outlandish designs.

Some previous designs from the Spanish luxury house includes a blue tote that looked suspiciously like an Ikea bag, as well as pink, embellished platform crocs ($1075) that have adorned the feet of our very own Roxy Jacenko.


I was always fond of @crocs so these @balenciaga ones were a given ????

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Oh, and we mustn't forget the... blanket bag and... car mat skirt... that were once the height of fashun.

Balenciaga, we don't know what you're playing at, but we appreciate the meme-worthiness of your collections nonetheless.

What do you think of the infamous T-Shirt Shirt? Tell us in a comment, we need to know!