All the stylish people from the BAFTA Awards.

All of the famous people are on a red carpet in London right now. Wearing stylish things.

It’s the fanciest of all the award shows. And it’s on right now.

The BAFTA awards (which stand for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts) celebrate the poshest of posh actors and actresses in the film industry.

Even though they ALL say this, the BAFTAs – hosted by Stephen Fry –  foreshadow who is probably going to win big at the Oscars, held in exactly two weeks. As proof, the BAFTAs have predicted the last six winners of Best Film at the Oscars. Not bad.

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Obviously our favourite part of these awards is having our beloved British celebrities in one room – think Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Rosamund Pike.

Click through the gallery below for all the red carpet arrivals.

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