12 shocking stories of wedding guests behaving badly.

Who needs enemies when you have wedding guests like these?

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s safe to say as a bride or groom you’ve got it all under control. You can choose the colour of the flowers, you can decide on the venue and you can pick the music.

What you cannot control however, is the way your guests behave. And after reading this Reddit thread, we were horrified to discover just how bad some guests can be:

1. “The mother of the bride spent the entire processional screeching at the photographer because he wasn’t do his job right, according to her. This included when her daughter was walking down the aisle. She kept up this behaviour all throughout the reception too.”

2. “A cousin’s girlfriends got so drunk she was pretty much laid out front of the reception hall with her dress around her ass. The cousin refused to acknowledge her and said to leave her outside. The bride spent half an hour outside with her before I had to go in and tell the cousin to grow the f*ck up and deal with his girlfriend because she was his problem.”

3. “The best friends of the bride and groom got engaged. He had asked if it was okay if he proposed and of course the bride was too nice to say no. The girl said yes so I guess she was okay with it.”

"The mother of the bride spent the entire processional screeching at the photographer."

4. “One of the guests bragged that of all the weddings she'd been to, she'd caught all the bouquets. She paused and added, ‘I had to fight the last b*tch for it, but I got it.’

“I asked around a little bit and found out that she had literally bullied all of her friends into being their bridesmaid at each of their weddings, and while she'd legitimately caught one or two, she caught the others because she'd threatened ‘the competition’ who had all just backed off at the toss, had thrown several girls to the ground who hadn't been cowed, and in the last incident had straight up assaulted the poor girl who had caught it and ripped it out of her hands.

“She had no clue this was inappropriate behaviour.”

"One of the guests bragged that of all the weddings she'd been to, she'd caught all the bouquets."

5. “I farted really loud and the wedding just paused.”

6. “At my wedding my mother in law stood up and declared, ‘this marriage between my son and what's her name will never last.’ I am ‘what's her name’ and after 13 years I'm still pissed (and happily married).”

7. “The mother of the bride showed up in tiny cut off shorts and a tiny tank top that was so skin tight, I swear you could see the ripples in her breast implants. She made sure to still be dressed like that as the guests arrived. When she finally put on her gown for the wedding, it was a low cut halter top and super bright gold. After the ceremony and pictures, she went right back to her barely there outfit. The groom was beside himself, he told me not to play a single song she requested so she wouldn't dirty dance but, she did it anyway to every song.”


8. “My brand new brother-in-law dancing with me at my wedding and telling me drunkenly, ‘I can't f*cking stand you, but you're married to my brother now, so I guess I'll have to deal with it.’”

“The mother bursts into the reception with her ballroom dance partner."

9. “My mother. She went completely off the deep end at my wedding, booing my wife and I. She destroyed her bouquet and said we gave her a lesser one.”

10. “My bestie had disposable cameras at each of the table to catch candids. I was in charge of collecting them and having the pictures developed. Two of the twenty or so cameras were filled with nothing but up-skirt shots and dick pics - like, all different dicks. I have no idea who the culprits were, nor how they managed it. Note to guys, up-skirts at a wedding are futile. Spanx. Spanx everywhere.”

11. "At my friends wedding, the male friend (who gave away the bride) and the maid of honour, gave the main speech at the reception, basically telling everyone what a drunken slut the bride had been in her formative years. I don't think they keep in touch anymore."

12. "I went to a wedding once where the best man chose his speech at the reception to tell the groom he had slept with the bride the week before and was in love with her. The bride vehemently denied the whole thing but the groom took his word for it and walked out. Turns out the best man was lying and just wanted the groom to come with him to a car racing meet the next weekend when he was supposed to be on his honeymoon instead. The bride didn't take him back. What a mess!"

What is the worst thing you've ever seen a guest do at a wedding?

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