The 5 bad breakfast habits you need to break, stat.

Are you trying to break bad eating habits?

My breakfast eating habits have always been a bit messed up.

I’ve always either skipped it, eaten it too quickly or made bad choices that left me feeling hungry again just an hour later.

That’s because just eating breakfast is only the half of it. The other half is making the right choice.

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Because so many foods that are labelled ‘breakfast foods’ contain too much sugar, empty carbs and not enough protein, fibre and healthy ingredients.

We need to be smarter about the foods we eat for breakfast, particularly on weekdays, and save the more decadent ones for the weekend.

Just as an FYI, this post is sponsored by Uncle Tobys. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100 per cent authentic and written in their own words.

Here are five breakfast foods that definitely need a rethink:

1. Toast.

I’m a big toast eater. When I used to eat breakfast, it was always toast. I’d choose toast-cut wholemeal bread and top it with Vegemite, peanut butter or jam. I’d have just one slice and by mid-morning I was starving.

You can have toast for breakfast but it has to be what I call ‘smart toast’. Choose a really good bread (you know, the ones that are like eating a bowl of healthy cereal). Then, add protein. Instead of spreads add cheese, avocado, hummus, eggs or baked beans.

2. Pancakes and waffles.

Yes, they are delicious. Who doesn’t love a stacked plate of pancakes dripping in maple syrup and topped with ice cream? Or waffles with chocolate sauce and whipped cream?

But they don’t make for a healthy start to the day. It’s basically a plate full of sugar, saturated fat and empty carbs. They will likely leave you with crashing energy levels after a brief sugar high and you will probably be hungry not long after. Keep them for an occasional treat only.


3. Pastries.

I love raspberry friands. I could eat them every day. I meet my friends at a cafe a couple of times a week after the school drop off and I’d always order a skim cappuccino with either a friand, a small danish or some other sweet pastry I should know better than to consider as breakfast.

But it’s time to say no. Because pastries and sweets are not a good breakfast choice. Grains and proteins are the best way to go because they will fill you up and give you lasting energy. Same goes for pancakes and croissants. And hot cross buns (sad but true).

4. Fruit.

Fruit alone does not a good breakfast make. It just isn’t filling enough. On my busy mornings I’d always grab a piece of fruit but it just wasn’t enough. If you do love to start your day with fruit then add some natural yoghurt with nuts and seeds or make a fruit and vegetable smoothie.

Just like you need to make ‘smart toast’ you also have to be smart about your fruit. Otherwise you’ll find yourself hungry again in no time – so save fruit for snack time.

5. Coffee.

Coffee is not breakfast. For so many years I’ve had coffee instead of breakfast and each time I’ve wondered what the effects could be. But you know what? Coffee isn’t the problem. Have coffee, but have it WITH breakfast. Coffee alone is not a meal.

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You need something way more substantial. Even if you get a large skim cap or a soy latte, it doesn’t matter. Think of all the things you need to get done between breakfast and lunch. You need fuel, so fuel up on the good stuff.

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