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Tinder boy gets rejected, demands date refund his $5.

Talk about bitter.

Bitter. Coffee. Get it?

Lauren Crouch, a blogger from London, UK , went on a Tinder date recently. After about half an hour of conversation, her suitor suggested it was time for a change of location, offered to cook her dinner at his house.

Having only known the man for 30 minutes, Crouch politely declined.

Not one to be deterred, her date asked her out a second time. Crouch then had to embark on the awkward endeavor of explaining why she did not want to spend more time with him.

Mr Tinder was NOT happy. And his reaction was so ridiculous, Crouch took to Twitter to share it.

IS this guy SERIOUS? Apparently so.



A logical suggestion.

Wow. Just WOW. This guy is the reason they invented the phrase ‘dodged a bullet’. Good luck to his next conquest. Hope you saved that change in your glovebox.