'My Scandinavian husband wants to name our kids Elsa and Olaf. Will they get teased?'

It’s been nearly five years since the hit children’s film Frozen broke box office records, but is it still too soon for a mum to name her children Elsa and Olaf (two of the film’s central characters)?

Or should she just ‘let it go’?


This is currently the dilemma facing one pregnant Mumsnet user, whose Scandinavian husband unfortunately happens to have “strong family connections” to the popularised names.

“Not a joke – OH [other half] is Scandinavian and quite keen for the names Elsa and Olaf (strong family connection) for our baby,” she shared on the parenting forum.

“I’ve heard these are names now popular or familiar from Frozen but as we haven’t got kids yet, not sure how strong is the association and is it likely to fade soon?”

Flashback to 2013, and Frozen was everywhere. Image: Disney.

Now let's rewind a bit. There was a time where if you had a child under the age of eight, your car, school, or home continuously played the Frozen soundtrack, to the point where the phrases, 'let it go,' 'do you want to build a snowman' and 'for the first time in forever,' may still trigger you to this day.

According to BabyCentre, the name 'Elsa' jumped from the 527th to the 286th most popular name from 2013 to 2014 thanks to the movie, and it makes sense. Since Frozen's release in December 2013, the film alone has grossed $1.2 billion globally, with multiple toy, costume and merchandise franchises adding to the bottom line.

There's also a sequel in the works with a 2019 release date.

So using these metrics you could say, Frozen was kind of popular.

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Sharing her dilemma with her fellow Mumsnet users, the responses were mixed. Some worried her children might get teased for their names, especially with the sequel.

"Frozen 2 is coming out next year so interest will be renewed, and I think you can expect the association to be pretty long-lasting, as with Aurora or Belle. As people have said I think they are lovely names individually," offered one user.

"They are lovely names but I think particularly with Olaf you risk constantly hearing 'do you wanna build a snowman?'" shared another.

"I wouldn't use either in an English speaking country due to the film association. It's one of Disney's more enduring films and especially at Christmas, the amount of merchandise with Elsa or Olaf on it would be a constant reminder. What about Elke instead of Elsa? Or Ella or Elsie?" wrote another.

The mum later specified she would either pick Elsa or Olaf depending on the sex of her baby, but has yet to reach a decision.

"It wouldn’t be both, just expecting one baby but don’t know yet if [they're] a boy or girl. Olaf is a family name for [my husband] - his dad’s name and his middle name so quite keen on it! And easy for English speakers too," she wrote.

"I do adore [my father-in-law] and think it’s a lovely name. [I] also read Olaf is not a villain in the film? Elsa seems more neutral [and is] at least a human character so [there's a] less strong connection with Frozen perhaps?

"Haven’t even seen the bloody thing, perhaps should watch the film before we decide."

How would you respond to this mum's dilemma? Tell us in a comment below.

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