"I despair!" A woman's husband suggested "the worst name" for their future baby.

As any couple who’s had to name a baby – or even a dog – together knows, you don’t always share the same tastes.

Deciding on one name can be challenging for a lot of couples, and even cause some conflict, because there’s lots to consider; such as whether the name will cause teasing at school, or whether the family will like it. And then of course there’s the small issue of getting both parents to like a name.

For example, one woman posted on Mumsnet recently, complaining her husband has made the “worst” baby name suggestion…and she is shooketh.

In the post called “What are the worst names you’ve had suggested to you?“, the woman explains that whilst she’s not pregnant, her DH (darling husband) wanted to start the conversation about baby names.

The poor man: it was well-intentioned, but also a rookie mistake. Because, the woman was left confused and upset by his perfectly reasonable suggestion: Parsons. But not just Parsons:

“The name was fucking PARSONS,” the woman wrote.

“It’s not even a family surname. I despair! I thought we would have similar taste or at least DH would have SOME taste.”

Ouch. Clearly not even in the same book, let alone on the same page, the woman was left wondering if she really knew her husband at all. She also asked the group what are the worst name suggestions they’ve been given, so she can feel less alone.


The comments section was quickly filled with stories from other readers.

"Xh [ex husband] proposed Stacey as an option when we were expecting dd [darling daughter]. It was a bit of a curveball," one admitted.

Another shared her husband had some 'outdated' ideas:

"DH suggested some names that are nice enough - but a bit out dated and more common amongst girls born in the 70s and 80s. (I suspected that they were ex’s or girls he had a thing for once, although he assured me they weren’t!) Jennifer, Kimberley, Michelle, Stephanie, Dawn."

One woman said her partner liked the name "Meadow", whilst another had been given "Amber and CJ" as options. Some were a bit more creative:

"DH suggested Maverick when I was pregnant with the second. I said there may be two in there and we'll call the other one Goose."

Of course, it wasn't just husbands with name ideas - mums and mother-in-laws wanted to help, too.

"MIL suggested Muriel and DH suggested Jerralyn," one woman wrote. "Pregnant again and can't wait for more lovely suggestions."

Another shared, "My mum was horrified when I told her the name I was considering for ds. She said I couldn’t possibly use it as it was a dog’s name! Then suggested the name max - which was the name of her dog hmm."

But our favourite response was from a woman whose husband's baby names were inspired by the online game, Final Fantasy 7.

"Dp has suggested Magneto...Loki...Thor...Electra...Polaris...Storm...Nebula.

"I think I’m going to time a 6 week break from our relationship starting the day I give birth and ending the day after I sneak off to register the baby," the woman joked.

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