Would you trust this woman with your manicure?

Would you trust this woman with your manicure?

A newly qualified nail technician posted a photo online, advertising her services.

But, considering the response, it doesn’t look like she’ll be getting many new clients anytime soon.

In the “Northern Beaches Buy, Swap and Sell” local Facebook group, a Sydney woman advertised her services. “Just finished my nail course anyone want their nails done inbox me,” she wrote, with an accompanying photo of some fairly dodgy acrylic nails.

The post from the local buy, swap and sell Facebook page.

On the plus side, they are only $50. On the down side, they probably aren’t worth it.

The post attracted some pretty harsh comments, ranging from sarcastic congratulations to outright insults.

Some of the comments on the post.

Some commenters started posting photos of beauty fails – but the nail technician only took it at surface level.

She’s either resilient or optimistic – either way, her response was golden.

The Nail Technician defends herself.

Eventually, the nail technician had to stand up for herself against the mean comments.

We aren’t sure what she means by ‘rehabilitated’.

She may not be the best manicurist, but she sure has a sunny attitude. Keep on keeping on, nail lady.

On you, Mal.