Netflix's Back to the Outback is the story of hidden beauty we really need right now for precisely 6 reasons.

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Some of my favourite memories of childhood are watching animated films with my family, cuddled up on the couch after a busy day.

So naturally, watching movies with my own children — something that meant so much to me as a child — is such a special experience for me.

There's nothing quite like it. Getting to watch their faces light up with excitement and joy has quickly become my favourite way to spend time with them. 

As you can probably imagine, Netflix is very well-loved in our house. Every time we hear about any of their new animated releases, we immediately find ourselves on the couch with our eyes glued to the screen.

Our newest obsession comes in the form of their latest release, Back to the Outback, an animated film that was produced right here in Australia during the pandemic.

Directed by Harry Cripps and Clare Knight, Back to the Outback is about a gang of dangerously cute Australian animals in Sydney Zoo. The group grow tired of being put on display as 'monsters' by the humans at the Zoo and become curious about their native habits.

Led by a warm-hearted snake, Maddie (voiced by Isla Fisher), the animals escape the Zoo to make their way back to the outback. As the bunch of misfits embark on their journey, they meet new friends, encounter unknown dangers, and find out the true meaning of beauty.

Back to the Outback is an exciting adventure for the whole family, and at its centre is a whole lot of heart. 

And with the sort of year that everyone has had, we could all certainly do with a lot more feel-good.

Here are the 6 reasons why Back to the Outback is exactly the movie we all (parents included) need right now.

1. It reminds us that we can find beauty in everything (and everyone).

At its core, Back to the Outback is a movie all about individuality and embracing one's true self. It's an important lesson to not only teach our kids, but also a good reminder for us 'big people'.

All the characters in the film, with Pretty Boy the Koala being an exception, are stereotypically perceived as 'ugly' animals. The film ultimately challenges our understanding of beauty by shining the spotlight on these... interesting animals.

Image: Netflix.


My daughter, Zoe, usually has a soft spot for anything cute and cuddly, but it wasn't long until she declared Maddie, the snake, her favourite character. She quickly recognised Maddie's kind heart was what was truly beautiful.

More than anything though, I loved the journey of Pretty Boy's character. 

As a koala, Pretty Boy is used to receiving lots of love from the zoo's visitors. After all, he is traditionally the cutest of them all. Naturally, his head gets a bit big and as a result, begins the film with some prejudices about the rest of the animals.

By the end, however, he sees past their appearances and understands that it's a person's character that truly counts.

2. It warms your heart and soothes the soul.

This is one of those animated movies where it's impossible not to feel touched. 

Your heart aches when the characters feel rejected. You laugh alongside them as they overcome the obstacles that get in their way. You cheer them on as they try to make sense of the world and where they fit in it.

It's kid approved too: Zoe was laughing, crying and screaming almost immediately once the story began.

Image: Netflix.


3. It brings the family together.

Most parents know that getting the kids to sit in one spot for long can be a struggle. However, I'm happy to report that Back to the Outback literally got my kids to sit down with me for the entirety of the film.

As we watched, we talked about the storyline and its hidden meaning. My daughter also shared with me her thoughts and feelings towards the characters, looking at me to share my own thoughts.

It was in those moments, that I realised that this film was much more than just an animation film. 

Image: Supplied.

Throughout the film, you also get to watch a truly beautiful father and son relationship unfold. 

Chaz, voiced by Eric Bana, is ultimately an adoring father who would do anything for his son — something that many of us parents can relate to.


4. It's so quintessentially Aussie.

The film simply screams 'Australia': from the beautiful Australian backdrops and landscapes to the stellar Australian cast. 

It felt so good to be able to watch a film set in our own backyard, with experiences, sounds and sights my kids can easily recognise. 

Image: Netflix.

5. The cast is absolutely stellar. 

Back to the Outback is packed with legendary Aussie names, including Eric Banna, Guy Pearce, Isla Fisher, Jacki Weaver, Celeste Barber, Keith Urban, Tim Minchin and the list goes on.

These names don’t mean much to my children yet, but they sure do carry weight to me! Each character is so perfectly cast — they truly bring these adorable characters to life.

6. Its animation is breathtaking. 

Netflix have really pulled off an amazing animation with this one. 

With the gorgeous features of the characters, Chaz's uncanny resemblance to Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee, and the sweeping Aussie outback backdrop, the film is bursting with beautiful animation and effects.

Don't miss out on the adventure! Watch Back to the Outback — a movie for the whole family — now streaming only on Netflix.

Feature Image: Netflix.

Join the adventure by checking out Netflix’s Back to the Outback — the heart-warming film that reminds us all about the true meaning of beauty. Join the animals as they bust out of the zoo December 10th.