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A family's dog was buried after being hit by a car. The next morning he was at their door.

If you haven’t checked out Oprah Winfrey’s YouTube channel lately, you might have missed that she’s uploading some vintage Oprah.

We’re talking the hair, the clothes, and the weirdly wonderful stories she often brought to light.

In one of her latest uploads, Oprah tells the story of a dog that came back from the grave.

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I promised you vintage Oprah, people.

No, literally. According to owners, Glenn and Violet, after their family dog, Mugsy, was hit by a car and died, they buried him.

"Mugsy got hit by a car. He was way down the driveway and I heard him yelping," Glenn told the audience.

"I ran down the road and he was all covered in blood, looked real bad. He died."

"I had a three- and a four-year-old child at home and they were attached to the dog. I didn't want them to see him like that, so I took him to the corner of the yard and I buried him. It was within 10 minutes."


Where the family buried Mugsy. Image via YouTube.

7pm that night, Glenn took the kids to farewell Mugsy, where the eldest wanted to make a cross for him tomorrow. Except, that cross was never needed.

"It was 5:30am the next morning and I hear this scratching at the back door. I get up, pull the shade back and Mugsy's tail was wagging away," Glenn said.

Glenn immediately ran to his wife, who told him that he was "dreaming".

"I didn't believe him," Violet said. "I said, 'Glenn, you had to have buried the wrong dog. You heard the screech of the breaks, you heard the yelp, you saw a small black and white dog, and you buried the wrong dog.'"

"I went up to [the grave] and it was dug up.


Mugsy with his family on Oprah's show.

"The veterinarian said that probably after six hours his heart rate was so slow it wasn't obvious he was alive; he had no vital signs.

"He probably came out shortly after I went up there [the night before] and came out because of a lack of oxygen. He probably just slept until 5:30 in the morning, shortly after six hours, and came straight to the door."

Now, ain't that a lil' bit cute.

You can watch the full video here: