The Bachelor's Tiffany just gave us some insider info about Olena and Noni.

Yesterday marked precisely two months since The Bachelor finale went to air – I know, right? But thanks to the wonders of social media, we’re still getting little glimpses into the lives of the women who had a crack at Richie “Dickie Bach” Strahan.

Just last night, for example, Tiffany dropped a couple of gems about fellow contestants Noni and Olena via a fact-filled Instagram post.

Among the revelations: the magical pet name she gave the Ukrainian.

No. WAY. via Channel 10.

“My nickname for Olena in the house was ‘the love wizard’ because anyone who meets her becomes mesmerised!” Tiffany wrote.

Her magical ways certainly worked on Richie. He was equally enthralled/befuddled by the 23-year-old model, who whizzed right on through to the final three in the Channel 10 series.

So let that be a warning to one and all: if you ever happen to stumble across Olena, maybe don’t look her directly in the eyes.

Yer' a wizard, Olly. Image: Instagram.

Noni, meanwhile, has other - erm - gifts according to Tiffany.

In her words, the bacon lover "could twerk her way out of a Mexican prison."

Which we can only interpret to mean her dancing skills are either impressively distracting or incredibly destructive.

Regardless, let's hope she never has to prove that one.


That was it for Tuesday night's revelations.

Although, Tiffany also had a little wink for her fellow contestant-turned friend-turned girlfriend, Megan Marx, who she (adorably) described as her "partner in crime".

Well, as long as they've got Noni around to bust them out...

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