The Bachelorette's Rhys has drastically changed his look. We can hardly recognise him.

We’ve all heard of the post-breakup haircut. It gives us a new identity during one of the most vulnerable times of our lives.

Despite apparently not being too fussed about Georgia Love, it appears The Bachelorette’s Rhys Chilton has had the ultimate I’ve-Been-Rejected-And-Now-I-Need-A-New-Look haircut.

Behold: Rhys, with a shaved head.


It’s kinda…bad boy? And he definitely doesn’t look like an impersonation of a hipster anymore.


The 29-year-old model appeared on The Project last night, receiving a (well-deserved) grilling for his behaviour towards Georgia on The Bachelorette.

Waleed Aly challenged Chilton and fellow contestant/rival/arch-enemy Sam Johnston, saying “It seemed like you were competing to see who could offend Georgia the most.”

Rhys, who is apparently married, attempted to defend the moment he told Georgia he wasn’t looking for “the one,” and seemed to mock her for thinking she was going to find true love on the show.

“I was just trying to say I wasn’t focusing all of my energy, devoting everything I had, to finding the one at that point,” he said.

A change is as good as a holiday! So I gave my hair a holiday ???? New direction coming…

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“Right, because it came across to me like you were saying…” Aly began, before Rhys interrupted him, responding “the magic of TV!”

“… ‘I’m not looking for the one, I’d rather keep my options open’,” Aly finished. Amen. That’s exactly what Rhys was saying.

Peter Helliar then challenged the two, commenting “For me it was more, ‘I couldn’t give a toss!'”

Rhys certainly made an impression on the show, and to me, his haircut shows he was a lot more invested in Georgia than he let on.