"It hurts": Lee lashes out at The Bachelorette producers for his portrayal.

Reality TV fans freaked out when Georgia Love sent fan-favourite Matty home on The Bachelorette finale last night and announced that Lee Elliot had won her heart.

The shock was understandable considering Matty was the first contestant to tell Georgia that he loved her and their chemistry was undeniable during a hot tub rendezvous in the previous episode.

Now that we’ve all had a few hours to process the shock result (just), Lee is keen to defend himself and his relationship with Georgia. In a move as old as reality television itself, Lee is blaming the producers for making him look like the underdog.

Listen to Amy Cooper and Laura Brodnick discuss whether Georgia made the right choice on the ‘Bach Chat’ podcast. (Post continues after audio.) 

In fact, Lee told Fairfax that if the true story had been shown on TV, then viewers would have seen it was a “one-horse race”.

“They really downplayed me,” Lee said. “Yes it hurts, but the only person it matters to is G, she knows [what happened during filming] and she was there to hear it.”

While Lee said that the editing made the show “difficult to watch initially,” when he watched the final episode, he understood what the producers were going for – a surprise ending.

“I understand it, I get it,” Lee said. “In the finale, they actually showed me opening right up.”

Bachelorette fans might have been able to process Georgia’s choice better if it wasn’t so reminiscent of The Bachelor finale earlier this year when Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation over fan-favourite Nikki Gogan. Some fans on Twitter even called Matty “Nikki 2.0” last night.


When asked if he was concerned that he and Georgia would receive the same backlash as Richie and Alex, Lee seemed calm.

“I certainly like to think I won’t quite have that backlash,” Lee told Fairfax. “I understand there are people that are Team Matty and there are people that are Team Me.”

“Obviously you go in not knowing what is going to happen and how you will be perceived.”