The Bachelorette's Rhys confirms he is already married.

It’s no secret that when we sit down to watch The Bachelorette or The Bachelor, wine glass in hand, we’re full of witty quips about how funny it must be to be dating 23478 people at once.

We laugh when contestants’ families ask whether the Bach/Bachette in question has ever cheated on a partner because….OF COURSE THEY HAVE, IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!

Rhys, entrepreneur...and MARRIED?! Image via Channel 10.

It seems our jokes have somehow become a reality, with news that one of the men vying for Georgia Love's heart on the current season of The Bachelorette is already married.

OK! Magazine revealed that 29-year-old model Rhys (aka Hipster Harry Potter) is currently married to US based 24-year-old, Kelsi.

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"He only cares about himself...and should not be dating that beautiful girl Georgia [Love]," Kelsi told the magazine.

But before you freak out, let's be clear about one thing: Rhys and Kelsi are separated.

"Kelsi and I were in love and got married but unfortunately for us it didn’t work out," Rhys said in a statement via Channel 10.

See which men are still in the running to win Georgia's LOVE (get it?):


"We have been separated for over two years and the details are currently being finalised. I’ve not dated since Kelsi and The Bachelorette Australia was an opportunity, albeit unorthodox, to see if I was ready to meet somebody."

Rhys confirmed that Georgia is well aware of his current relationship status.

"I have explained my reason to Georgia for being here and I feel she understands. Kelsi is a great girl and I’ve always wanted to see her happy in life," he said.

Phew, we knew there was a rational explanation for it all.

Rhys reads a poem to Georgia, and then explains his relationship status. Image via Channel 10.

Rhys revealed earlier this week that the persona he had been presenting for the cameras was a total lie, a tactic he says he employed to "control his image" on the show.

"I think the best protection in a show like this is to, instead of letting them [the producers] paint you how they want, give them something else," he told TV Week.

"Instead of them going, 'Oh, we don't have a character for Rhys - we'll make him into the a**hole of the group,' I'm giving them something on a platter: the romantic, deep guy who's really good-looking and has a good chest!"