We've uncovered all of The Bachelorette Sam's modelling portfolios.

Sam, you silly goober.

Why are you acting so coy with your modelling work?

I get it. You saw how Courtney was being all boy-who-helps-kids-next-door despite his own Channel 10 presenting career and it got to you.

I only say this because last night you told Bachelorette Georgia Love you did modelling work “a long time ago”.

Candid shot or Country Road Catalogue? Idk. Source: Network 10.

You went on to clarify you only did a "a few pyjama-type things”  and worked for some wholesome low-key brands like Big W and ALDI.

But mate, we googled you. Google tells me you're actually an international model with portfolios on websites: here, here and here.


The modesty is sweet but also confusing. If you can get your kit off and pull more bedroom eyes than a bug-bed infested hostel bunk, why not simply own it?


Perhaps you plan to unveil this jet-setting lifestyle in a later ep in hopes we'll all go: 'OF COURSE!'

I'm pretty sure we'll still say it but it'll be more of a "of. course." - if you catch my drift.

Ten bucks says your LA hat is from when you were a mah-dul in LA. Source: Network 10.

Initial press circuits sold you to us as an electrician and that is a seriously difficult trade. I would know. I often cut the power to my neighbours when their Call of Duty games go past 3am.

Our advice?

You're a sparky and eenternashyonal mah-dull. OWN IT, BRO.

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