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Sam Frost goes on TV to rate snogging ability of her suitors.

“People will get a pleasant surprise…”

The Bachelorette Sam Frost appeared on The Project last night to discuss some of our favourite moments from Wednesday night’s episode.

Straight out of the gate, the panel led with the difficult questions, such as: “How would you rate your kiss with ‘Sasha the Pasher’ out of 10?”

“9.2,” responded Sam, with incredible speed and surprising specificity. Not 9. Not even 9.5.

The 9.2-rated pash.

9.2. She’d been thinking about it for a while.

But maybe Sasha has peaked to soon. When asked how the kissing went for the rest of the season, Sam said “downhill very quickly.” Awkward.

You can watch that high-scoring smooch here (post continues after video):

Video via Channel 10

But of course, Sam and Sasha were not the only ones getting intimate on the show last night. During the group date photo-shoot, Tony got up-close and personal with his screen partner, Phoebe.

Kiss me, you fool!

Sam was asked which kiss she found more awkward. Surprisingly, it was her make-out with Sash and NOT the canine canoodling that Sam found the most awkward.

Sam described Kayne (or Kanye 2.0), who… err… serenaded her with some questionable rhyming, as a “lovable doofus.” While the rest of us were covering our eyes as our cringe-glands went into overdrive, Sam found Kayne’s rap endearing, saying she likes it when someone isn’t afraid to act like a “dill.”


“I humiliate myself all the time, unintentionally,” she said. “So I think it’s endearing when people do it to themselves.”

Check out Kayne’s rap SKILLZ here:

Video via Channel 10

As to who will win our Bachelorette’s heart, Sam said simply, “People will get a pleasant surprise…”

So does that mean it’s NOT one of the front-runners? Or it IS one of the front runners who we’ve already counted out for peaking too soon?

Only time will tell.

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