The biggest mystery behind The Bachelorette roses has finally been solved.

Watching the third rose ceremony unfold on The Bachelorette last night, there was only one question we desperately wanted answered.

(OK, we lied. There were two. The first being, who the heck is that other guy besides Aaron who got eliminated? He was another lost producer, right?)

I'm sorry, but, who are you? Image via Channel 10.

The second, more important and definitely more serious question was about how the heck Georgia pinned those roses onto the boy's jackets so damn fast.

HOW IS THIS HAPPENING SO FAST? Image via Channel 10.

Anyone who's ever attempted to stick a flower through a man's buttonhole (no, that's not a euphemism) will know that it literally takes FOREVER.

Listen to Laura Brodnik and Amy Cooper discuss the strangest parts of the show on the latest episode of Bach Chat:

Georgia makes it look so easy...but that's because there is a secret hidden beneath the bachelor boys' collars: a magnet.

"On the lapel of your jacket, you actually tape in a magnet, and then on the stem of the rose is a magnet," the recently eliminated Aaron told Mamamia.

"I reckon it would have been better if it was like dart practice, and Georgia shot them out of a gun at the guys she wanted. And you've got to catch it, and if you don't catch it you get eliminated!"

See which men are still in the running to win Georgia's LOVE (get it?):


Sadly, as we saw last night, Aaron's magnet was left un-magnetised and he was sent home.

"It was polar opposites, as you could say. My magnet was clearly not working. In fact, I went near her and it pushed away, it was weird," he laughed.

Aaron may not have found love with Georgia in the mansion, but he found something much, much better: a full-on bromance.

It's true love. Image via Channel 10.

"I talk to Rhys all the time! Whenever I'm in Brisbane we catch up and have a drink. He's a good guy, and I obviously got along with him really well. We've got to carry this bromance out," he said.

Surprisingly, Rhys is not Aaron's pick to be the last man standing with a magnetised rose.

"I think Osher is really going to bring it home. He will be last man standing, and he’ll probably go on to the next season as well," Aaron joked.

"Honestly, my pick would be Lee and simply because, when you bring such a sweet ass to the table, how could you resist?"

Truer words were never spoken, Aaron.

Never forget: Our favourite Bachelor contender. Image via Channel 10.