The Bachelorette's Rhys Chilton just took a not-so-subtle swipe at Georgia Love.

Just when you thought The Bachelorette‘s Rhys Chilton and his many, many cardigans were done with, BOOM! the Georgia Love reject comes up with a new way to get social media ~revenge~.

The model-slash-topless-entertainer-slash-Sam-despiser has (in between posting rudey nudey shots) asked his Instagram followers to caption the below photo of him.

Hahaha there are sooo many captions I could think of here.. but I’d love to hear some funny ones from you guys! So caption this for me?

A photo posted by R h y s C h i l t o n ???? (@rhyschilton) on

He’s not exactly, err, subtle about the fact he’s still TOTALLY SALTY he got booted last week, huh?

While some fans suggested captions like “I thought I signed up for this one [Jessica Marais],” (Rhys thought this comment was particularly bloody funny), I’m gonna give Rhys a few captions of my own.

How about…

  • Bachie reject tries to prove he doesn’t care about aforementioned rejection. Fails.


  • Man who got dumped on national TV for being a douche proves why he was the douche who got dumped on national TV.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the 29-year-old has taken a dig at our Queen Bach Lady. It was only days ago he took aim at the Bachelorette’s search for love.


“She made a point of giving up her career to finding the one, which I would never do,” he told The Daily Telegraph, continuing: “I am open to finding the one, which is a more realistic approach.”

Ah, dear.

I’m sure Rhys is a perfectly lovely dude… I just wish he didn’t have to be mean to our gal Georgia, ya know?

In the words of Elsa, he really needs to just LET IT GO.

Because as soon as you throw shade at Queen Georgia, you incur my wrath. Be afraid, Universe and Rhys Chilton. Be very afraid.

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