The truth about Bachelorette's Rhys and Sam: It seems we've had one wrong all along.

The tension between Rhys and Sam on this season of The Bachelorette is probably my favourite thing. Like, generally. In life. It’s the best thing that ever happened.


It was just so funny. And relentless. And stupid. Literally every time Rhys said anything, we could count on Sam to a) make fun of it, b) do an unflatting impersonation, or c) call him a pretzel. Sam also egged Rhys on to do embarrassing things. Like reading poems, and showing off sub-par dance moves.

"Look at me I'm Rhys HA." Image via Channel 10.

As it turns out, The Bachelorette mansion was divided into Team Rhys and Team Sam. And when we asked the most recently eliminated contestant, Clancy, whose team he was on, we got a particularly fascinating answer:

"No one was Team Rhys."


"It was Team Sam everyone, and Team Rhys was just one person and it was him."

Maybe it was the poems?

They weren't...great. Image via Channel 10.

Or the time he made it very clear he was a male model, and explained that just because he's really, really good looking, doesn't mean he doesn't have other things to offer.

"I'm also really good at pouring water on myself." Image via Channel 10. 

Or, you know, maybe it was the fact he was MARRIED.

NOT COOL RHYS. Image via Channel 10.

Clancy thinks that Sam was misrepresented by the show's editing.

He said while it looked like Sam was ripping on just Rhys, he was actually just doing the same thing to all the fellas.

"Sam will sit there and rip everyone – he rips me, he rips Jake, he rips everyone. Like a good mate. He’ll sit there ripping us harder than he does Rhys, and they just sort of like focus on the Sam and Rhys thing because I guess it’s a rivalry," he said.

"Like guys just having banter and making fun of each other and just trying to have a good time, but they just, all they’ll focus on is the whole Sam and Rhys thing.

When we asked Clancy whether he knew Sam was on the show just to get on TV, he disagreed with the premise of the question.

"I was pretty close with Sam," he began. "And I think if he had found the girl who fit into his life, and if that was Georgia and they got along that well, I think he was there for the right reasons."

Essentially, Clancy thinks Sam just didn't find the right girl on the show.

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"I think Georgia wasn’t his type of girl and vice versa," he said. "So I think he was a bit more realistic in being like, ‘you know what, probably not going to be my type of chick.’"

"But he was definitely there to find that special person."

Clancy, on the other hand, did have feelings for Georgia, but wasn't surprised when he was eliminated on Thursday night.

"You can never really know where you stand," he admitted. "And the previous day was that group date where I absolutely kooked it."

When we asked him who he thought would win, he said Jake or Matty, adding that they were the people he was closest to in the house.