The Twins Recap The Bachelorette Episode 10: IT'S THE MOMENT WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.

ICYMI, Georgia Love just did this on national television:

NO. We CANNOT. We don't know if we have...the words.

Sorry, let's start from the beginning.


Oh wait.

We have no f*cking idea what's going on, because apparently during home town visits EVERYBODY FORGETS ABOUT OSHER.

And they don't even acknowledge it. He's just absent. He probably showed up at the mansion to deliver a card and no one answered the door. Omg don't it's too sad.

Oh no Osher no one's home, oh no....Image via Channel 10. 

Georgia tells us she's meeting Matty J's family first, but how was this even decided? How did she get there? Will Osher be there to chaperone?

By some stroke of luck, she runs into Matty J with some horses.

Georgia's nervous to meet Matty J's family, but we're all thinking, 'Georgia, what's the worst that can happen? Just be yourself!'

That's until she gets stuck in a f*cking plant. 

Georgia, pls. Image via Channel 10.

And THIS is why we need Osher.

After the whole plant fiasco, she greets the family.

And, you see. Well...

Well, they have a George.

Scoose me? Channel 10.

At dinner, Matty's sister Kate asks Georgia to come and get a drink, but we know it's a trap because there's wine right there on the table.

Her concern is that Georgia lives in Melbourne (or Tasmania, we don't know, it keeps changing honestly) and Matty lives in Sydney, and that's not the same place. 

Kate diplomatically explains, "Yeah, hi, sorry, but you can't take Matty anywhere as we need him for babysitting George."

Suddenly this earlier moment of tension makes a lot more sense.


Seriously, we have an infant George competing with a fully grown adult Georgia for Matty J. You can't script this shit.

The rest of the dinner goes perfectly, and at the end Kate basically says, "na, jokes, whatevs, just come babysit on weekends."

Georgia then somehow finds her way to the Gold Coast, and we just know Osher bought the tickets and made sure she got a window seat.

She's here to see Jake, which is odd, because we were almost certain he had already been eliminated.

OH! You're still here. How lovely. Image via Channel 10.

Anyway, apparently he's very much here, and even though he's definitely not going to win he's giving it a red hot go.

He invites Georgia into his parents' house but ~ surprise ~ they're not home, and for a moment we're like, 'wow, are you straight up going to have sex in your parents house?'

Instead they stuff a turkey, and when Georgia puts it in the oven she yells, "GOOD LUCK IN THERE" which is every experience we've ever had with cooking. We're pretty sure she didn't even turn the oven on.


MVP goes to Jake's dad, who fails to say anything for the entire evening, and in doing so, makes his position on this whole schemozzle very clear.

"..." Image via Channel 10.

It's very different to Georgia's previous date, because they talk about how living in different cities really poses an issue. Georgia's stance on all this is as follows:

"I'm in Melbourne, and I'm not moving. Deal with it."

NEXT, it's time to meet Lee's family, and we're told that Georgia's a little nervous because Lee is eight years older than her. This is the shit that gets left out when all you do is dress up as knights and go billycarting.

But Lee brings her coffee and flowers, OH, and we almost forgot his face:

OOOPP, there it is. Image via Channel 10.

He introduces her to his mum, his dad and his grandmother, and after all this time, Georgia finally meets her soulmate.

While all these other families have been all, "why are you dating other people?," "but how do you feel about my boy?" Lee's grandma just gets it. 

"Taking the power back, I like that." Image via Channel 10.

Sometimes you've just got to date 18 men at once to find the love of your life, you know?

Lee tries to make an awkward joke to deflect the fact that Georgia's dating multiple men at once, but grandma says, "No, don't be funny. She's got four boys lined up."

She honestly gets the concept of this show better than anybody else, and she doesn't really have a problem with it. 

Ah, how lovely! All these home town visits have gone so well! The men and their families are so respectful and Georgia just seems so...

Oh. F**king Courtney.

EUGHH. Image via Channel 10.

Georgia explains, "All I know is that I'm not finished with him. There's something really, really there," which anyone who's ever dated a dickhead can very much relate with.

She meets up with him and he just can't wait to have some fun and not talk about anything too serious.

But Courtney, this isn't f*cking fun. GEORGIA GAVE UP HER JOB FOR NO REASON FOR THIS.

He makes them play games on the beach and this is honestly worse than scurfing.

This sucks. Image via Channel 10.

Georgia explains that ultimately she "needs answers" and is "sick of the ambiguity."

Hell YES, woman, you go GET YOUR ANSWERS.

She tells Courtney that he's giving her mixed messages, and he uses the most amount of words to say the least amount of things.

He essentially says: "I could take it or leave it, aye," and with her voice cracking, Georgia tells Courtney he's still here because she wants someone with her at the end that she can't fathom never seeing again.

He starts, "I don't want you to, ah, not invest your time..." and we have had it up to f*cking HERE with Courtney and his goddamn bullshit.

Is this guy for f*cking serious? Image via Channel 10.

But wait.

Georgia is not breaking up with a douchebag of this calibre on a beach. She's got sand in her eyelashes. She has no pants on. She's wearing a rashie, for goodness sake.


Georgia will not let this be how her story ends.

She's going to meet Courtney's family, because she's a lady who doesn't cancel on dinner plans. But as soon as she walks in, it's clear she really shouldn't have gone. This whole thing is going to be awkward AF.


As they sit down, Courtney's brother asks him how he's found the experience. Courtney says it's, "a lot harder than I thought."

FFS Courtney. What? What is hard? Living in a mansion? Making so many dude-bro friends? Going scurfing, which was your idea?

Then his brother comments that Courtney looks "tired" and the experience must really be weighing on him.

"KILL ME." Image via Giphy.

The whole thing is just extremely painful. Georgia searches for redemption in every nook and cranny, but even Courtney's brother uses an odd combination of words to imply that maybe, possibly, Courtney may not be ready for love, but he is, but TIME Georgia, what about the time? It's like this family were raised by Dr. F*cking Seuss. They speak in goddamn RIDDLES.

Georgia leaves his house and he tells her to "travel safely".

Oh, oh. She will, Courtney.

And she smiles and nods because she knows she will be crying silently in the Uber the whole way home so the driver doesn't hear and ask questions.

Now it's time for the rose ceremony, but firstGeorgia needs to have a li'l chat with ol' mate Courtney.


When he sees her he literally laughs because in all fairness, it's completely ridiculous.

"You seem slightly overdressed." Channel 10.

Sorry - but we just need to say something.

Georgia looks EXACTLY how we have always wanted to look when dumping a dickhead. EXACTLY. Her hair, her make up, her dress. She probably has some killer perfume on. She's been practicing her goddamn speech for five hours in the mirror. And she's equipped with palm cards and a flip chart. This is orchestrated to bloody perfection, and Georgia wouldn't have it any other way.

She tells Courtney that she "can't keep doing it to myself" and that he is "too big a risk for a 'maybe.'" She checks her last palm card and says:

"I don't think there's any point in having a rose ceremony tonight."

Producer: "Georgia, this is not your mansion." Image via Channel 10.

Before delivering the final blow; "I think you should go now."


There were the suffragettes, and the Germaine Greers, and now we have Georgia f*cking Love.

This isn't just about Courtney. What Georgia Love did tonight was on behalf of all of us who have dated a Courtney for at least six months longer than we should've.

This was for all of us who have kicked out a Cam while waiting for a Courtney to say the right things.


For all of us who have been made to feel silly in a princess costume AND THEN a rashie.

For all of us who have gone f*cking scurfing when we didn't want to.

Due to all the adrenalin, Georgia somehow ends up in a limo going over a bridge, which is definitely in the wrong direction, giving an impassioned speech about dumping Courtney. But it's okay. Because Osher is coming. 

After such a tumultuous episode, Georgia has taught us one final lesson:

If you break up with a guy, and you cry and he doesn't, you made the right decision. 

Image via Giphy.

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