The Bachelorette's Rhys finally comes clean about that infamous Instagram photo.

It was the photo that caused a massive stir on Instagram: Rhys posing topless with some very suspicious looking puppies.

Them puppy tickles are the best!???? (for those that are a little slow… and haven’t read my bio.. it’s called ‘taking the piss’…)

A photo posted by R h y s C h i l t o n ???????????? (@rhyschilton) on

Surely…surely those happy little puppies aren’t real, right?

Naturally, when he dropped by the Bach Chat studio, Laura Brodnik and Amy Cooper got him to set the record straight.

“Those puppies are totally real!” Rhys joked, before revealing his Insta secrets.

“No, look. My humour, especially on my Instagram, it separates the people who are idiots and who can actually read a comment or two. If you scroll down, there’s a comment about me saying, ‘I can’t believe I actually fooled you’.”

Perhaps, then, you won’t be too surprised to learn that a number of Rhys’ other Insta snaps are “digitally altered” as well…


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