An ex-contestant has noticed something very strange about this viral Bachelorette photo.

Video via Channel 10


It’s safe to say we were all pretty floored by a behind-the-scenes photo that emerged last week that showed a Bachelorette cameraman getting VERY up close and personal.

That's...that's a little too close for comfort. Image via Facebook.

But when an ex-contestant saw the image online, he was a little confused.

"I saw it and it surprised me, actually," Alex Cameron - from last year's season of The Bachelorette - told Mamamia's Laura Brodnik and Amy Cooper.


"The camera crews are all very close when you're in the mansion, because naturally it's a bit more restrictive. But when you do the one-on-one dates, they try to make it a bit more natural and give you more space to actually form a relationship."

Alex revealed that the camera crew and producers usually "take a step back" during the more intimate moments of every date.

"[They're] maybe 20 or 30 metres away, hiding in the bushes...they got the long lens out!" he said.

Listen to the full episode of Bach Chat here:

"You're having an intimate moment, you're aware that they are somewhere but they weren't right in your face."

It seems like Jake drew the short straw when it came to nailing this intimate kissing shot.

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