Why there are so many strippers on The Bachelorette.

When it comes to The Bachelor, we all know that when the girls say they are “event coordinators” they really mean “model”.

And as we’ve learned so far on Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette, entrepreneur translates to male stripper/entertainer/nude Instagram model.

So far only one man has been open and honest with Georgia about his day job (or is it classified as a night job?) and he was sent packing on the first night.

"Let's be honest...I'm a stripper." Image via Channel 10.

So we asked Carlos why he thought it was a good idea to tell his potential girlfriend about his stripping ways.

"I knew going into this that my profession as a male stripper, a male entertainer, there was a risk that people were going to judge [me]," the 29-year-old told Bach Chat this week.

"I was honestly there just to put myself forward and let her know that is just who I was."

See which men are still in the running to win Georgia's LOVE (get it?). Post continues after gallery.


Carlos admits that his honesty about his profession was a "double-edged sword", which perhaps explains why some of the other guys in the Bach mansion (cough, Rhys, cough) haven't been so forthcoming about their...skills.

"If I didn’t say that I was a stripper people might turn around and say. 'Oh, he held something back from her'. And when I did say I was a stripper, it came across as if I was bragging about it," he said.

He also confessed that he was asked to strip multiple times throughout the very first cocktail party.


"There were a few comments made to me about doing a bit of a strip show [during the night], and even Georgia herself asked me to take my clothes off," he said.


"Not that I'm nervous about taking my clothes off, but it just wasn't what I was there for. I actually didn't even pack any of my [stripping] outfits.

I didn't think it was a really appropriate moment, when I just wanted her to get to know me for me."

We can't blame a guy for being honest, especially when there are at least THREE OTHER GUYS in the mansion who have dabbled in the male entertainment world.

Like Rhys, who says he is available for "ladies events" on his personal website.

Rhys is available for "ladies events". Image via

"Bachelorette parties, ladies nights and corporate events, you can find me there clothed in one of my many fine suits or with the top half missing," Rhys writes. "Why? Because they're great fun!"

"I've done plenty of ladies events in my time and I'd like to say it's truly a shame there's a sleazy, negative association with this type of work," his profile reads.

Fireman Cam is also stranger to getting his kit off for the ladies - let's not forget the fact that he is MR. MAY in one of those hot, semi-nude fireman calendars.

Hello, Cam. Image via Facebook.

Rumour has it he's also stripped off in the name of charity. Is there anything he can't do?

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