"No hard liquor". A bachelorette party guest has sent the bride a ridiculous set of rules.


Let’s be honest – we’ve heard some pretty dramatic bridezilla stories in the past few months.

From the bride who wanted to charge her pregnant bridesmaid $30,000 for “ruining” her wedding to the vegan bride who refused to invite “omnivores” to her wedding, we’ve seen some doozys.

But nothing compares to this set of rules one woman sent ahead of a Vegas bachelorette party.

Here’s the worst part – the rules weren’t sent out by the bride.

Nope, they were written by a guest.


Posting to Imgur, user UrsulalMeanVanessa explained that an old college friend of the bride guilted the bride’s friends into an invite to the Bachelorette party after she wasn’t invited.

Just days after receiving an invite, the woman then sent out a lengthy email detailing her ‘rules’ for their weekend in Vegas – and oh boy, it’s intense.

“I know Vegas is known as ‘Sin City’, but despite this, I still have to uphold the moral code our Father inscribed in my heart,” the woman began.

“Due to this, I have some ground rules that I’d like everyone to follow.”

In the email, the woman explained that she had organised for the women to attend a church service on Sunday morning.

“I think it’ll be a nice way to cleanse us of our sins from that week,” she said.


She also requested that there be no hard liquor in the hotel room during their stay.

“I don’t want to be tempted by these foul drinks,” she explained.

“I’m not sure how I’ll react to ‘rum’ or ‘tequila’ or ‘vodka’.”

Um, we’re not sure why “tequila” and “vodka” need scare quotes but okay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The woman also demanded that the other guests don’t bring men back to the hotel or have sex in the suite.


“As none of us have committed ourselves to husbands yet, there’s no need to have premarital sex,” she said.

But while the whole list was baffling, it was the last rule that was worst of all.

“Please leave your Adderall at home,” the woman wrote, addressing one guest in particular.

“I understand you have a medical condition, but as we will not be studying, there’s no need for you to take your methamphetamine’s.”


Erm, what.

As expected, the list of bizarre rules are now going viral online.


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