Why a Bachelor contestants spent the entire first cocktail party with one shoe on.

As we eagerly await the premiere of the new season of The Bachelor, we’re forced to make do with whatever tidbits Channel 10 sees fit to throw our way.

First, there was Bachelor Richie’s strange James Bond-style promo video.

Then, there was Bachelorette Olena’s (surprisingly mundane) trick to winning Richie over.

Now, they’ve released footage of Bachelorette Janey’s tactic of choice.

And it involves wearing one shoe around for an uncomfortably long amount of time.

Will Prince Richie come and find his Cinderella, Janey? ???? Here’s a sneak peek. July 27.

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Yep, Janey’s looking for a Cinderella moment, and it’s actually pretty apt: remember all those princesses viciously fighting it out over Prince Charming at the ball?

We’re imagining the new season of the Bachelor to be a whole lot like that.

May the best girl win.

Oh, sorry – I mean to say, may true love prevail.