The Bachelorette’s Luke tells us the exact moment that ended his chance with Sophie Monk.

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Last night’s savage elimination on The Bachelorette was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of just how much heartbreak the Australian public can handle.

If you missed it, the man who the entire country had hitched their wagon to, Luke McLeod was sent home alongside Mac in a double elimination that had many of us thinking Osher had made a grave, grave mistake.

But WHY?!?! we asked. How could things have changed so quickly between Sophie and the ‘business culture consultant’,who shared such a fantastic single date just weeks ago? Was there something we missed?

While we were left scrambling for answers, Luke himself admits, although his elimination came as a shock at the time, he now knows exactly where things went so horribly wrong.

Hint: It probably most definitely has a lot to do with something starting with ‘S’ that rhymes with ‘eww’.

“When the new guys rocked up, I got really frustrated with that which I think she might’ve noticed,” the 33-year-old told Mamamia.

“I could’ve been better with how I handled that, been a bit more accommodating, and a bit more empathetic for her and her situation, I was cautious of my emotions after the single date, she might’ve seen that as that I wasn’t into her, which is unfortunate.”


Speaking of the moment Sophie didn’t give him a rose, Luke admits he wasn’t expecting to leave so early. However, unlike us viewers, he says Sophie did offer him an explanation.

I’m not quite sure what to say here… Obviously feeling a lot of mixed emotions, but I’ll try and do my best. . Firstly to everyone who’s supported me on this journey to find that special someone, thank you. For me going on the Bachelorette was really stepping outside of my comfort zone and you’ve all made me feel so supported and valued. I hope by giving you a glimpse into who I am this has given you the confidence to pursue something worth fighting for and makes you feel alive ❤️ . To the boys. You know how much you mean to me. Very few know what we’ve gone through. Thank you for the endless lol’s and banter ???????? . Lastly, to this wonderful woman. Soph, you’re one in million. You deserve a man that makes you feel special, safe and most of all, loved. I’m disappointed that couldn’t be me, but I understand x . As for me. I’ll be ok. I know she’s out there somewhere… #bacheloretteau ????

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“We did have a bit of a conversation [after the elimination], I asked her what happened and she did give me an explanation which I agreed with,” he said.

“I’ve had time to reflect on things, and now that I have I’ve put the pieces of the puzzle together. I can see that after the single date, which was amazing, I probably got fairly quiet and reserved with sharing my emotions while some of the other guys were a lot more forward about how they felt about her.

“I was trying to be so patient, it gets to the point where you’re like, what the hell, and she just got the point where she thought it’d be better to save the heartbreak for later on. She could see I was struggling a bit and made the decision.”

Although Luke was the front-runner in the viewers’ eyes, he admits he never quite felt it was that way in the mansion, especially after Stu’s arrival.

“I didn’t feel like the front runner, I felt we had a connection. But when the intruders came in, it put me back a bit.

“You could see the obvious connection with [Sophie] and Stu, he’s a good bloke and he ticks a lot of the boxes of the things she said she was looking for.”

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When asked if he would’ve done anything differently if given his time in the mansion again, Luke says he might’ve made more of the once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I am one of those guys who doesn’t live with any regrets, but in hindsight and looking back on it, I did like her and I probably could’ve opened up a bit earlier on. But it is what it is though, and I have to give some praise to destiny and the way things are.”

As for who the hell could possibly win now other than the obvious choice of Stu, George Clooney Luke is conservatively betting on our other favourite, James.

“I’ve got a lot of time for Jimmy, he’s probably a similar guy to me, a bit more chill and relaxed. Their single date went really well, there’s chemistry there, I’m barracking for him.

“At the end of the day she’s met someone and she’s in love, which is the most important thing.”

We’re not sure we agree, to be honest. It was meant to be YOU.