INVESTIGATION: Is The Bachelorette's Luke a paid actor?

When you appear on a reality dating show, you’ve got to expect that any secrets or past behaviour you’d rather not have the whole country knowing about will be exposed.

This week, it was Bachelorette contestant Luke McLeod who was forced to explain some questionable footage that was unearthed by  Footage that proves Luke isn’t the humble ‘business culture consultant’ he claims to be.

You see, back before Luke appeared on our screens to woo Sophie Monk, he starred in a TV commercial for Aeroplane Jelly. You know what this means? Luke is a paid actor.

Listen: Michelle and Zara dissect last week’s episode of The Bachelorette. (Post continues after audio.)

Pretty damning, right?

Except, well… it isn’t really.

Channel Ten explained in a statement that the 33-year-old appeared in the ad as a favour for a friend, clarifying he is definitely not an actor.

“He has never acted before, and is managing director of a business consulting company, Soul Consulting,” their statement read.

And in fact, the deep, dark secret wasn’t so much unearthed, as it was the result of a quick Google search after a scroll through the love hopeful’s Instagram account.

While sharing a photo of he and the ‘family’ he appeared in the ad alongside, Luke described himself as a “Dad in practice” and told followers he was doing more to step out of his comfort zone and try new things this year.

Well, he’s certainly made good on his word.