Bachelorette's Lee posts his first photo since the show and it's a bittersweet tear-jerker.

It doesn’t matter if you were Team Matty J or Team Lee during The Bachelorette‘s emotionally-charged finale on Thursday night, because we can all agree on one thing: Georgia found herself a fantastic partner.

Lee, a 35-year-old mechanical plumber, has broken his social media silence for the first time since the Channel 10 programme aired last month, and it’s a tear-jerker.

The Melburnian has shared a photo of his new love Georgia with her mum, and his accompanying caption is beautiful.

“Words cannot express just how much I truly wish this was a very different post,” Lee told his 20,000 followers on Friday afternoon.

“Today is such a mix of emotions. It’s actually not possible for me to be any happier to finally tell the whole world that I have found my soul mate, my best friend and the love of my life in you Georgia Love. You are my everything and my world!

“At the same time I could not be any more saddened by what you and your family are going through right now.”

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Earlier in the week, news broke that Georgia’s mother Belinda has been admitted to palliative care as she fights advanced pancreatic cancer. Belinda’s condition is so serious, she was unable to meet the show’s finalists in Singapore alongside her daughters and husband.

Despite initial reports Georgia might bow out of Friday’s press junket, she appeared alongside Lee for interviews in the morning.

“It most certainly puts everything else into perspective and has only reiterated just how much I absolutely want to be there for you and be your rock as you have been mine today and always,” Lee continued.

“I feel truly blessed to have finally been able to meet the absolutely extraordinary woman who is your mother. I can certainly now see where your strength, love for life, sense of humour and beauty both inside and out come from!”

With his heart-rending words, Lee added a link to Australia’s Pancreatic Cancer Organisation, PanCare.

During such an unimaginably tough time, it’s comforting to know Georgia has such a supportive and loving partner by her side.

To donate to PanCare, click here.