There is a (weird) reason Bachelorette guys never want to be the last one to get a rose.

The latest batch of Bachelorette boys certainly have some weird and wonderful rituals going on in the house.

First, it was passing around a bottle of makeup remover and getting (face)naked together. Now it’s… wearing a necklace made out of a wooden spoon.

Check out the latest episode of Bach Chat:

Yep, the latest man eliminated from the mansion, Ryan, has revealed to Mamamia that a special gift awaited whoever was unlucky enough to be given the last rose at the previous night’s rose ceremony.

“Courtney made this wooden spoon with a necklace on it. The guy who got the last rose each week would always have to have it on him,” Ryan said.

"In some of the episodes, you can actually see me walking around with this wooden spoon necklace on. It's probably really confusing... because [the show] never explained it."

You can never escape the spoon necklace. Image via Channel 10.

This also explains why we didn't get to see Ryan sing his verse during that epic, boy-band inspired cocktail party sing-a-long.

"When I sang I held up the wooden spoon, so maybe they didn't show it because they didn't think it would make any sense," he said.

Let's relive the magic of the cocktail party song. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

NEVER FEAR! Ryan finally got his chance to belt out his tune to us, so here are the delightful lyrics you missed:

If you were a sail, I’d be your mast,
When handing out roses, nice guys finish last!

Yeah, kind of ironic considering he was booted from the competition the very same night.

Luckily, Ryan holds no hard feelings and admits that his relationship with Georgia was definitely heading towards more of a friendship.

Ryan was denied a rose at the most recent rose ceremony. Image via Channel 10.

"We started a really good foundation of being friends and we’d constantly check in with each other at the cocktail parties," he said.

"But it quickly formed into more of a friendship and I suppose I found myself trying to develop feelings for her out of this friendship place and I probably needed a single date for that to happen."


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