The Bachelorette Georgia Love's stack job proves she is all of us.

The Bachelorette Georgia Love fell hard last night. No, literally. She stacked it down a set of stairs.

Despite the all the great sushi puns and the adorable laugh, it was somehow the most endearing moment the 27-year-old served up last night.

Here’s how it/she went down.

For most of the episode the Tassie TV journalist wafted elegantly around like this:


Perfectly tousled hair bouncing gently as she moved between stunningly over-styled rooms, chatting to men who were literally queuing up for a moment of her time. Basically how we all think we look/act at parties (but most definitely don’t).

But at the moment of her grand entrance to the cocktail party, as Osher dramatically extended his arm in her direction, she got really down to earth – again, literally.

Down the steps, shins first.

Of course, Osher was there to save her from face-planting – because he’s Osher – and denied the men a perfect hero moment in the process.

Thankfully, Love was physically okay. Although she confessed in an after-the-fact vox-pop that the unfortunate, very public stumble made her feel a little something like this:


You wouldn’t have known it. At the time, with dozens of eyes and lenses on her, she instead steadied herself, raised her champagne flute and triumphantly declared: “I barely spilled any!”

Which, judging by the bachelors’ reactions, was basically the best thing she possibly could have said.


They yelled and cheered like their team had just kicked the winning goal. There was actual clapping. Because clearly this girl has her priorities right. #nodropleftbehind

bachelorette georgia love fell over

Image: Channel 10.

"If she can go down with a drink in her hand," whooped funny-guy Ben, "that's marriage material."

Well, if that's all it takes...

Be right back. Off to find a glass and a staircase.