Bachelorette fans react to Georgia Love's dress.

Bachelorette Georgia Love started a war last night.

The cause wasn’t anything substantial like a view she expressed or her treatment of a contestant but just what she was wearing. #feminism.

Fans either hated her rose ceremony gown so passionately they attacked the stylists or loved it so fiercely they wanted to own it.

Source: Network 10.

The debate circulated through the Bachelorette Australia Twitter feed as fans gave their two mortgage repayments cents on what she wore.

"Crikey whoever styled her needs to be sacked. Terrible hair, make up, dress," one fan tweeted.

"That lipstick colour is foul. That dress is fugly. Stylists please try harder," said another.

Those in the "loved it" camp flooded the Bachelorette Australia hashtag with a much sweeter sentiment.

"OMG lovvvving (sic) Georgia's black dress!! I need it in my life stat!" One fan said.


"Her dress is sooo pretty," another said.

One fan even likened the dress to something a hot Disney villain would wear.

"I'm well into Georgia's lipstick/dress combo, she looks like a hot Disney villain," they said.

Love wore a Philippa Galasso couture piece that feathered out in delicate beading.

Galasso is an Australian designer whose label is no stranger to the show - remember the ball gown Keira wore?

Source: Network 10.

Same designer.

Fashion may be subjective but Love looked bloody brilliant last night.

It takes a lot to step away from the classic model of 'pretty formal wear' and sell it to a mainstream audience.

Hot Disney villain? Couldn't agree more. Love slayed.