This is how Australia feels about the most devastating rejection in Bachelorette history.

It’s finally happened: Sophie Monk has chosen the man of her dreams.

After six weeks of single dates, pot plants and nonsensical games made up by Osher (to be fair, he must have a lot of spare time just hanging around the Bach mansion waiting for the cocktail parties to start), Sophie and millionaire and yacht owner regular, Aussie bloke Stu have gone public with their love.

Even though we’ve known that Stu would be the likely winner for weeks, it was still quite a touching moment when the pair was finally able to tell one another how they felt.

Of course, a happy ending for Stu and Soph means nothing in the Twitterverse, so here are the best Twitter reactions from The Bachelorette‘s predictable dramatic finale:

When we all caught ~~the feels~~ while watching a man having his heart utterly crushed on national television.



When we realised that a picking between the final two wasn’t a bad place to be in at all.


When Stu said that Sophie had made him the happiest he’d been in years and we all remembered he has a bunch of kids.


When we figured out how the show really should have ended.


And when ex-Bachelorette Georgia Love had the best reaction to Stu winning of ALL TIME.

Now all there is to do is sit back, and hit ‘refresh’ on Google until we learn who our next Bachelorette is going to be.

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