An ex-Bachelorette contestant has some serious beef with model Sam's Instagram posts.

Former Bachelorette contestant Sam Johnston copped some backlash from a fellow contestant for a recent Instagram snap.

Everyone’s favourite model Sam (sorry, Rhys) posted a shot of himself sitting on a swing chair, holding a comically tiny umbrella at Sydney’s Polo in the City event.

And while the holes in his jeans are the focus of some of the comments, one in particular is just a little bit more… well, harsh.

Staying out of the sun at the polo ????

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In a comment, first season Bachelorette contestant Davey Lloyd asks: “Do you ever not put up a photo of just you?”


Comments on Sam Johnston's Instagram account (Image via Instagram/samuelrjohnston)

We must admit there are quite a few self-portraits on the 27-year-old's Instagram account. Okay, there are A LOT of selfies. But the occasional group shot does make its way into his feed.


It's not clear whether the carpenter's comments were in jest -- he was after all the cheekiest contestant of Sam Frost's series. But from where we stand, it certainly appears that Davey has a serious problem with the number of selfies on Sam's account.

Either way, we'd honestly prefer if he kept his comments to himself, because the last thing we want is for this steady of stream of sexy Sam shots to end.

Just sayin'.

????it's my birthday I may as well be naked @scott_teitler

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