PSA: The Bachelorette photo shoot has been turned into these actual, real life book covers.

Mills and Boon books featuring photos taken from Thursday night’s Bachelorette group date have been revealed.

And they do not disappoint.

The final product of the photo shoot – which saw things get tense between Rhys and Sam when they discussed who was or wasn’t a model – are available to pre-order on bookstore websites, for release on 3 October.

Mills and Boon are likely hoping many Bachelorette fans will judge a book by its cover – and go out and buy the book that features their favourite bachelor.

With a recommend retail price of $19.95 (but on sale at Booktopia for $13.95) we think this clever venture is going to pay off for them.

So what exactly are the plots of these novels?

With titles like Home on the Station and Country Calling – the books are, as you would expect, about love in rural Australia.

The Farmers Love – which features the almost-but-not-quite kiss between Georgia and Cam the fireman – includes three stories centred around farmers.

And one of the characters in that book is named Cam.

“Tess Laing has suffered more heartbreak than most. So moving to Bellaroo Creek with her little orphaned niece and nephew is the start of a new life,” the plot reads.

“Meeting tall, dark and deliciously handsome Cameron Manning starts an unexpected flutter in her heart…”

This is probably just a coincidence. Probably.

Or is it a sign that Cam and Georgia’s love story be straight from the pages of a romance novel?