Bachelorette's Ben finally explains why he made THAT "nervous poos" comment.

It’s probably going to go down as the worst opening line to ever air on any Bachelor/Bachelorette season.

The moment when bright-eyed hopeful Ben told Georgia Love he did not one but three nervous poos on his way to meet her.

It’s also super confusing because who can do a nervous poo? I thought we all just thought we needed to go only to find we physically cannot.

Ben explained to not just why he made the comment but what he wanted her to reply.

In his view, the ideal response from Love would have been: “Why didn’t you send me a photo of it?”

The 31-year-old went on to say he was after a girl who can keep up and throw it all back.

“I want a girl who’ll have some banter back,” he said.

Gone too soon. Image via Channel 10.

Ben said although he rehearsed the meeting beforehand the confession was a last minute flash of honesty.

“I’m not that smart to think that up on the spot. I just went in and tried to be honest. If I can’t talk to a girl about what I did during the day what else are we gonna talk about?" he said.

The Wollongong lad said he left his time in the spotlight with "no regrets".

“I just got a bit starstruck and a bit excited,” he said.

Don't worry mate, it happens to the best of us.

(But just not to me or anyone I know.)

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