The Bachelorette's Pete says the show's most 'genuine' guy is being painted as a villain.


We have Bachelorette secrets.

Mamamia spoke to eliminated contestant Pete who received approximately zero airtime. We think he might have read out a date card last night. Despite his lack of television presence, fashion designer Pete says he did have two or three “really good, in depth chats” with Sophie, and was surprised to be eliminated so early.

When it comes to who Pete thinks is the front runner, surprisingly, it’s the man who a lot of us thought would be sent home last night.

“Ryan is a bit of a dark horse,” Pete told Mamamia. “He started off as the villain, and last night we saw more of a kind of, an inside to him, and a softer side, and his life…”

“He only got a peck last night, but I think there could be greater things to come,” he said.

So, is Ryan – the man who last night told Sophie he wants a “girl who looks after herself” (hot… he wants a woman who is hot) and doesn’t like women who swear too much – actually a villain?

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According to Pete, absolutely not.

“He’s the first person that I’ll have a beer with… for sure,” Pete said.

In the house, it would seem, Ryan is a very different person.

“And that’s just because he’s 100 per cent genuine, what you see is what you get, what comes out of his mouth is him, he’s not pre-fabricated. He keeps it real.”

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Ryan has been unpopular with viewers since he interrupted Sophie on the first night and questioned her motives for going on the show. Last night, when he kissed Sophie, it appeared she quickly pulled away.

But perhaps they're far more compatible than we're being led to believe.

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