The result of The Bachelorette finale just sent Australia into meltdown.

It was the Bachelorette finale that would have deafened the neighbours of any members of Team Matty J.

If what you’re feeling right now can be best summed up as devastated, heartbroken, or sadness, take comfort in the fact you’re not alone.

As one fan wrote on the official Facebook page of The Bachelorette, “I’m done. Matty was perfect.”

The response from fans has been tremendous as members of both Team Matty J and Team Lee flood social media.

“Disappointing result and I really feel for Matty. Maybe I can’t see her connection with Lee as I’m blinded by how smitten I am with Matty J,” one fan said.

“Never seen someone robbed so bad,” said another.

Several made references to The Great Nikki Gogan Scandal of 2016 (i.e. Richie Strahan shock choice of Alex Nation over Nikki during last season’s The Bachelor).

On the Mamamia Facebook page, one fan wrote a truly touching, heartfelt pledge to love, Matty J and unicorns to express her sadness.

“My heart is broken and I no longer believe in love. Love is dead. Matty is a legit angel sent from above and how could she and he cried and he loved her and Lee is a boring man with a good face and lives in Melbourne and that’s it. I know plenty of boring guys with good faces who live in Melbourne. Matty is a unicorn. Be free pretty unicorn human,” they said.

Team Lee was just as vocal as they celebrated what seems to be a truly happy ending.

“My Wednesday and Thursday will never be the same again …. what could possibly top this Bachelorette,” one fan wrote.

“Congratulations gorgeous Georgia and Lee. I hope you live happily ever after,” said another.

It may not have been the result you were hoping for — but when it comes to love for Love, you just have to follow your heart.