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Last night's Bachelorette confession that left us scratching our heads.

We get it. The cameras close in on these Bachelorette contestants, the pressure is turned up and something slightly awkward is bound to come out.

But on a single date with Ali Oetjen during Wednesday night’s episode, Daniel Noonan said something so out-of-left-field, we’re really not sure what he was thinking.

When Ali took his (sweaty) hand, the poor guy blurted out something we’re sure he wished he could have shoved back in his mouth instantly.

“So, just bad circulation runs in the family,” the personal trainer began, seemingly in an attempt at small talk. “So if you think I sweat bad now, you should see my sisters, it is…”

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Ali’s outburst of laughter wasn’t exactly the kindest reaction to the 30-year-old’s confession – but she did say what we were all thinking: “Don’t say that on national television!”

“They sweat badly,” he added, further embarrassing his siblings.

Being conversational, Ali asked Daniel, “What if we did a workout together? You’re gonna get really sweaty?”

We could see feel Daniel’s regret all the way through the TV screen as he replied: “Yeah.”

“I was trying to think of a nice answer to that. No, I will, yeah.”

Oh, poor Daniel.

Later he told the camera: “I don’t know why I even mentioned that. I should’ve just kept that in my mind.”

Yes, sweetie, you probably should have. Not because you – or anyone else – should be ashamed of your excessive sweating. But because it’s best to avoid all talk of bodily fluids on first dates as a blanket rule. Kills the romance just a bit.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, viewers pointed out that Daniel’s sisters were probably just going to be a little bit mad at him form, you know, telling all of Australia about their perspiration situation.


Others were just wondering where Daniel had been the entire season so far.


This isn’t Ali’s first cringe-worthy conversation on screen. She’s had to smile her way through some seriously awkward dates so far this season.

Like the time Ivan said he “sort of liked her” before staring at her in silence as he pondered whether to kiss her or not. Which wasn’t as bad as when Danny did lean in to kiss her, completely unprovoked and unwanted.

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