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Everything we know about The Bachelorette Australia contestants, and where to follow them on Instagram.

Get your roses ready because The Bachelorette is about to begin. 

This season will see 16 contestants aged between 23 and 34 vie for the heart of 26-year-old Brooke Blurton. 

As for Brooke, true love is about making a soul connection with the person inside: no matter who they are. So, for the first time, casting for the show has been opened for both men and women to apply – and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

“I am so ready for this,” Brooke said in a press release. 

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Video via Channel 10.

“I’ve done it twice before and now, having the opportunity to choose my person and who I want in my life, is a truly unique and special experience.”

Before the show officially kicks off on October 20, here's the full rundown of this year's contestants.

The Bachelorette 2021: Beau, 34, New South Wales

Image: Channel 10


Bachlorette Beau Instagram:@beauyboi

Passionate about training, travel, photography and building, photographer Beau describes his ideal date as something adventurous and active: followed by a good feed. 

As for what he has to offer a potential partner? “Being a professional #instaboyfie.

The Bachelorette 2021: Bec, 30, Victoria

Image: Channel 10

Bachelorette Bec Instagram:@becapressing

Charity officer Bec describes herself as chaotic, loud and enthusiastic, as well as being passionate about mental health. “I fully embrace every day and want to live life as happily and lovingly as possible.”

This 30-year-old won’t settle for just anyone either: “I would rather be single than with someone who’s not right for me.” 

The Bachelorette 2021: Carissa, 30, Queensland

Image: Channel 10


Bachelorette Carissa Instagram: @carissacroft

Always up for an adventure and getting out in nature, Carissa has spent a lot of time sailing around the world. She works as a registered psychologist with at-risk youth, and felt Brooke would be a great match for her.  

“I saw Brooke was The Bachelorette and felt really drawn to her. She has many qualities that I am really attracted to.”

The Bachelorette 2021: Darvid, 27, Queensland

Image: Channel 10


Bachelorette Darvid Instagram @darvgarayeli

Describing himself as driven and confident, Darvid can be a little blunt which sometimes gets him into trouble… The self-employed landscaper’s family describe him as a bull in a China shop with a glass half-full mentality. 

As for the perfect date? “A nice bottle of wine accompanied by Italian food, somewhere warm, with a whole lot of laughs.”

The Bachelorette 2021: Emily, 25, New South Wales

Image: Channel 10

Bachelorette Emily Instagram: @its_phattt

Animal-obsessed and a social butterfly, Emily is a vet receptionist who has lots of love and energy to give to the right person. 

As for one trait that might make Brooke run the other way? “The amount of time I spend getting lost scrolling on TikTok. I literally cry-laugh scrolling through the app.” 

The Bachelorette 2021: Holly, 27, New South Wales

Image: Channel 10


Bachelorette Holly Instagram: @happyhol_

This marketing administrator turned NRL cheerleader is all about wearing her heart on her sleeve. 

“I was head over heels in love for a long time, and I want to find someone who makes me feel that way again. I won’t settle for anything less.” 

The Bachelorette 2021: Jamie-Lee, 30, New South Wales

Image: Channel 10


Bachelorette Jaimie Instagram:@jamieleedayz

Now Jamie-Lee is a bit of a blast from the past. Since their friendship began on the Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor Australia, Jamie-Lee is eager to see if her and Brooke could be more than friends.

This romantic introvert is ready for the next stage of her life, looking to settle down and start a family. 

The Bachelorette 2021: Jess, 30, South Australia

Image: Channel 10

Bachelorette Jess Instagram: @kickitwithcoco_

Jess is a self-confessed bubbly, down-to-earth drama queen who isn’t afraid to put herself out there. 

The software sales executive is also an avid cook who doesn’t mind breaking the rules... as long as no one gets hurt.

The Bachelorette 2021: Johann, 27, New South Wales

Image: Channel 10


Bachelorette Johann Instagram: @johann93

A carpenter and martial arts pro, Johann was born in Italy, speaks German and grew up on the sunny shores of Australia. 

Bringing the good vibes, a relationship deal-breaker for Johann is someone who “lacks the ability to have a deep conversation, is close-minded and not open to new experiences.”

The Bachelorette 2021: Konrad, 31, Victoria

Image: Channel 10

Bachelorette Konrad Instagram: @konrad.bien

Another carpenter in the cast, Konrad says he is someone who falls in love easily but is looking for what his loved-up parents have created for themselves. 


What does he think makes him the perfect catch for Brooke? “I’m loyal, I’m honest and I will go to the ends of the earth for those I love.” 

The Spill: The One Question That Broke New Bachelorette Brooke Blurton. Post continues after audio.

The Bachelorette 2021: Kurt, 29, New South Wales            

Image: Channel 10

Bachelorette Kurt Instagram: @kurtherzog

This sports mentor loves all things outdoors and using his skills to help those less fortunate. 

His parents’ marriage has shown him the importance of being around for the ups and downs. Although Kurt has never had a long-term partner himself, he is feeling ready to fall in love. 

The Bachelorette 2021: Matt, 31, Queensland

Image: Channel 10


Bachelorette Matt Instagram: @mattpottier

Positive and hardworking, Matt is a metal fabricator is looking for a laid-back girl to do life with. Growing up with two sisters has shown him how to treat a woman with love and respect, but still have a cheeky side. 

Brooke may just have to compete with Matt’s dog for his love, but he’s sure Brooke is up for the challenge. 

The Bachelorette 2021: Ritu, 25, Victoria

Image: Channel 10

Bachelorette Ritu Instagram: @itsyagirlritu

A career-focused filmmaker, Ritu is ready and looking for a solid partner to build a life with. 

Ritu thinks she will have a good connection with Brooke, as they are both quite similar. “Not only are we both POC queer women, we are both based in Melbourne and passionate about mental health and trauma recovery. I studied law so that I can support women who have experienced any kind of abuse.” 


The Bachelorette 2021: Ryan, 29, New South Wales

Image: Channel 10

Bachelorette Ryan Instagram: @ry.carmichael

Ryan describes himself as family-oriented, supportive, fun and a gym-lover. This plumber is also a sporting enthusiast, who after his knee reconstruction saw him side-lined in the AFL.

As for a dream date? “Sky‐dive in the day, and dinner and drinks on a yacht at sunset.”

The Bachelorette 2021: Steve, 29, New South Wales

Image: Channel 10


Bachelorette Steve Instagram: @steveep14

A self-confessed goofball, Steve is looking for someone to light up his world. 

A podiatrist and business owner, Steve hopes to offer a potential partner “fun times, lots of laughs and spontaneity.”

The Bachelorette 2021: Taje, 23, New South Wales

Image: Channel 10

Bachelorette Taje Instagram: @tajefowler

For this 23-year-old social worker, culture is a major aspect of her life. Taje says she is looking for a partner whose lives together would be filled with love, passion and support. 

What’s a trait that might make Brooke run the other way you ask? “If we were related through mob, which we are not. I checked.”


The Bachelorette Australia is coming to Channel 10 October 20 7:30pm.

 Feature Image: Channel 10. 

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